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  • Hi,
    I am new customer of DISH Network. The
    only reason I bought Dish System was to get Cricket
    programming, otherwise I was able to get good deals from Sony
    even DirecTV has the digital quality PPV movies. So am
    I mad to get my system and programing from you
    (Dish Network)?
    No, I bought it because of the
    reason that I will be able to get Cricket my favorite
    sport here in US. It is same like if you guys can't
    watch the "SuperBowl" what are you going to do? You
    will kill yourself. So please try to understand these
    feelings, its not only my problem, all my friends whom I
    convinced to buy the system are also blaming me for wasting
    their money as now they can't get Cricket as I told
    them that they will be able to get WCC'99 if they get
    their system from Dish Network.
    I think its a matter
    of shame for Dish Networks as well as Kelly
    Broadcasting because they call themselves the sole owner of
    cricket programming in the region. I think if they can't
    satisfy the needs of their customer then they should not
    be given the rights for North American Region. And
    they are treating their customers on 148 satellite as
    orphans by not giving them the programing they need to
    watch. The only reason everyone here in CA are pushing
    for this 148 satellite is that we can't get a full
    signal in here and the same problem is also observed in
    Seattle also. So why can;t you show the WCC'99 on 148
    satellite as you have showed the Sharjah Coca Cola Cup on
    this satellite last month and that was the reason why
    I was able to motivate most of friends to get the
    Dish System.
    I need an answer on this as soon as
    possible and otherwise if I could be told that how can we
    all return out system and get refunded because if we
    can't get the programming for which we bought our
    system then we should be refunded our well earned $150
    Waiting for your reply.

    A valued Dish Network
    California Customer!!

    Amir Khan

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Just hit new high $117

      Go Charlie!!!

    • works for one of the large investment houses in
      NYC. DISH was on the agenda to be discussed given the
      new interest in Satellites. I suspect that others are
      fitting satellite in the "NEW" equation of broadband
      access. Once the new generation of "uplink/downlink" is
      created, satellite has to rank up with cable and DSL as a
      viable broadband alternative. Look for "initiated
      coverage" by some of the wall street investment houses and
      buy and strong buy recommendations.

      Shorts; you probably think that I am full of Sh%t.
      Good--Go short some more stocks. It is going to crash
      soon. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    • how do you know?
      why after lunch?
      I am
      long with 7000 shares and i like what i�ve heard from
      Look, with a down market in the Dow it is up
      it will break up resistance and to new

      later. II

    • Your premise makes sense, especially now in the
      light of the the Time Warner announcement of the Time
      Warner Telecom spin off.

      To be effective, GMH
      would have to spin off DTV soon. This would make
      another great stock to be in.

      For right now DISH
      feels real good to me.


    • after lunch today. Better cover your short positions. Don't say I did'nt warn you.

    • How come do you know about those buy orders by institutions?


    • MLCO upgrades GMH based upon them reporting
      100,000 subs for April. DTV spends much more than Dish to
      acquire subs and Dish will probably meet or beat the
      100,000 subs in April. So this seems a reafirmation that
      its subs that drive the stock.

    • <EOM>

    • morning after that Wall Street Journal article.
      Don't want to be left holding the bag as DISH shoots
      into the twentys. Big institutional money buy orders
      already placed this morning. Satellite is now an official
      broad band club member. DISH is out of the gate first
      with DISH player and WEB TV. Membership is soaring.
      Why would anyone short this stock? Because the price
      went up too fast. The rules have changed. It will keep
      going up as awareness spreads and DISH announces
      results. Bad stock to short. Very long on DISH. Working on
      my first million.

    • morning

      reporting on "Web surfing via
      Satellite". It reports on the AOL alliance with Hughes and
      under scores the potential role for satellites in the
      broadband world. Article reports that AOL has talked with
      DISH and that AOL will work with other operaters
      besides Hughes. Microsoft is investing in satellite
      broadband through a company called Teledesic LLC, the
      company founded by cellular pioneer Craig McCaw. The
      article goes on to report that whether consumers will
      embrace satellite-based broadband remains to be seen. The
      future is bright: Teledesic aims to offer two-way
      communication at the speeds of fiber-optic networks to
      far-flung businesses. No cables are necessary to plug into
      this network- just a rooftop antenna.

      I readed
      a hardcopy WSJ. Try going to their website or scan
      the newswires for complete story. Dish will have a
      great day in the market after this article. Go

      I told you so-----I predicted this not too long
      ago. Congratulations on the longs who got in before
      the cat got out of the bag. Now lets enjoy the ride
      up to the penthouse.

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