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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Aug 8, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Ergen would provide the would've first and only data inclusive offerings

    Upon closure of lightsquared acquisition and implementation of the combined spectrum from both lightsquared and his already owned holdings Ergen would be capable of delivering an offering,much like that described as a potential use by a potential lightsquared consumer, a very innovative offering and first of it's kind utilization for.a mobile data network.
    Bottom line, without even entering the wireless market, or also possibly teaming with TMobile, Ergen would be able to finally deliver upon the greatly lackluster services currently available and branded under the TV everywhere label, services that are pathetically far from the theoretically developed concepts which.are being sold of on consumers as if they truly function in the manner described.,Much like the.Ultraviolet concept that has.far from delivered upon the wonderfully and elegantly described service which.has.been conceived only theoretically, yet not even close to providing such an experience, hence the inability of obtaining consumers embrace after years of pushing it.
    Ergen will deliver these experienced, most outstandingly providing the.would've first digital storefront,VOD service, appropriately branded under the most recognizable name ever to exist in the home entertainment industry, Blockbuster on Demand delibes complete free of data usage fees, bandwidth constraints,and simply free of any and all issues currently holding back the.mainstream embrace of this format of choice for consumers home entertainment needs.
    Blockbuster on Demand will be fully data inclusive, allowing consumers to access the.storefront, browse, view trailers, and ultimately make a transaction without ever even having to consider data issues. The service will come already inclusive of mobile data so that their will no longer be fears of usage fees, lack of data plan, & best of all actually able to play 1080p content w/out constant interruptions/buffering. Delivering the store experience w/ tech. benefits.

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    • Charlie is an egomaniac. He is not only interested in making money now, he has more money than any one can count....... Charlie must be the big kid on the block which has nothing to do with accumulating money. It is something called power. Think about it.

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      • You're right on the money, Ergen is relatively young as for the position he's in and wealth he's accumulated, so for him it's about winning, beating these more educated , more market experienced fellow.billionaires in what he probably sees as the ultimate high of poker.
        That said, what would be one of the most outrageous in your face accomplishments? I'd say bringing Blockbuster back to the level which it looked.down from upon all other home media players. To return the completely counted out, left for.dead, said.never to be relevant again as they epitomize failure to adapt better than any company of modern time and will never again be viable, rather theyshould have ended their pathetic existence long ago.
        C As we've seen countless comments.of this nature from every source imaginable, from analysts to the common public consumer we have yet to of anyone showing the slightest degree of belief in Blockbuster as a force in the future, many an analyst or financial journalist have even questioned the decision by Dish to place the winning 363 asset auction bid of essentially $228 million($328= $100million in cash asset), the same amount liquidation firms felt they could easily sell the physical inventory for.
        So how do you think a successful resurrection, a Rocky 10 comeback of the one time giant returning to the place of the name in home entertainment, only now being king through domination of the most modern technological capabilities, the same type of home media market format so desperately sought after by the studios for massive,mainstream consumer adoption.

    • It's all about the spectrum. That's why AT&T is buying LEAP. I still view AT&T as a most likely purchaser of Dish spectrum and/or partnership. Charlie is waiting by the phone ready to answer. It's most likely Dish will be per sued for spectrum. Dish has spectrum in aces. Blockbuster is no star. Even though it has more potential I don't think it will ever become mainstream as others have beaten it down into a marginal also ran.

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      • Exactly right, it's.all about the spectrum, a valuable and limited asset which the FCC closely monitors deals involving it. For this reason Ergen has situated himself.perfectly for the acquisition of lightsquared as all other major.players who could have been potential opposing bidders have all recently moved on various.spectrum.buys, TMobile with metro PCs, Sprint being bought by Softball as well as closing out on the remaining interests in Clearwire, then we have AT&T's pre-emotive strike in acquiring leap before a competitor does, & finally Verizon already leads in holdings as well as having recently purchased various spectrum some cable.operators.
        So once again Ergen finds the very appealing position as the only real player able to go after lightsquared, better yet he has accumulated a majority position of around $1billion in their debt, much of.which was purchased little as .50-.60 on the dollar.of face value. So he is once again positioned to pick up an incredibly useful mass of both spectrum as well as the corresponding satellites needed to implement, actually he's positioned to acquire an put together fully functional 4g lte mobile data network unbievable bargain
        I'd say this was always the goal, I'd also say that becoming a full fledged wireless service provider wasn't really the.agenda, but rather control of a high quality, high broadband delivery capable network able to handle the.massive data usages associated with streaming video, especially HD video, something unable to be produced by any other.provider, or at best Verizon or AT&T may be capable but the usage fees render it useless as in,one of Verizon's own pamphlets there is a data usage chart to inform how much data various.uses use, they state that 2hours of streaming HD video.consume 2GB data which correlates to a $20 usage few, even in AS the.usage needs reached 650mb per hour, so $6.50 an hour or $13 for a 2hr movie.

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