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  • wirelessjunki wirelessjunki Sep 27, 2013 10:52 AM Flag


    Can DISH afford T-Mobile at a premium?

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    • Keep in mind the Charlie is an ego-maniac. His little country DISH operation is not big enough for him. The only thing that will satisfy Charlie at this time is to build himself an "EMPIRE'. He knows he cannot build it from scratch. He can acquire TMUS without any fears of losing anything and TMUS will put him on the road to his empire.
      I foresee Charlie making his move before interest rates go up. He is at the mercy of Uncle Ben and the president.

    • Especially not if DISH has to BUY Light Squared from Charlie too. Maybe DISH can have a bidding war with charlie over LS2!

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      • Charlie knows he cannot afford to enter the big boys wireless world if he starts from scratch, this will cost over $100 billion, . He can buy TMUS at $50 billion and enter it big time at half price. MO.
        We the little people have a wait and see.

      • dish doesn't need tmobile or any telecom, why shell out billiions to get into an industry which they have no experience, just to be able to offer a complete bundle?
        Wouldn't it be far greater to deploy a completely innovative network which will be the first of it's kind and at least for some time provide Dish with a huge advantage that no other entertainment provider has whether it be any of the pay tv competitors or VOD services and storefronts.
        Why spend billions to muscle it out neck to neck with the big boys when they are perfectly positioned to complete the latest innovation of such magnitude to be unvieled in recent years, giving the big dogs a strong right hook to the jaw as Dish bucks the trends being pushed by the top two to become norms by which they are able to reap massive profits through data charges.
        By taking the LS2 concept and assets, an innovative concept of deploying a 4g mobile data network to be used by service providers, device manufacturers, ect. Take that to the greatest level possible meaning building it's capacity and capabilities up as much as possible with additiion spectrum most suitable for doing so.
        Makes no sense to struggle neck to neck in the wireless market rather than deploy a game changer which no other player in Dish's current market has or could possible come close to matching anytiime soon. The best they might be able to do is lease some access to utilize a major netwoirk, unlikely to work out though as video, especially high def consumes by far the most bandwidth of any internet activity. None of the 4 major telecoms even have sufficient networks to handle large amounts of data usage with their existing customer base as I have yet to find a telecom capable of steaming 1080p video without numerous buffering interuptions. This is even true of home internet connections, yet with Dish's sub count even doubled along with the resugent Blockbuster store, this time in digital form.

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