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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Oct 3, 2013 7:43 AM Flag

    Does anyone really believe that Dish will be unable to find a partnership with an existing network provider?

    Bringing a massive chunk of complementary spectrum holdings of,40mhz uplink and 40mhz downlink capable of nation wide range plus dome extra and no one would be interested

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    • What?? I thought you said they did not need a partner. Now you are saying they do?

      The real question is if they are willing to pay the price. Now that the regional carriers have been decimated, they are going to be forced to partner with one of huge existing carriers. This raises the price considerable compared to before. Before they could have bought leap or metro and built out their networks, but that is no longer possible.

      Not only that, but most carriers do not need their spectrum, especially since we have three spectrum auctions happening in the next two years. That is 50Mhz of AWS, 10MHz of PCS and a possible 70MHz of 600mhz spectrum. Their is also talks of a spectrum auction of the 3.5Ghz band for small cells, which is suppose to be around 100Mhz itself., but possible even more. All these bands are going to have scale with them, which is something Dish's spectrum does not have.

      Carriers are not hurting for Dish's spectrum,but dish NEEDs a partner or they lose the rights to that spectrum. They have already asked the FCC for a 1year extension, and we have not even hit 1 year since they got the waiver to use the spectrum for lte.

      If Ergen is willing to open them pockets he can find a partner, but he will have to open them very deep.

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      • yes, I admit that I was not all that familiar with the functions and components of deploying a mobile data network nor was I aware that LS2 would have to partner or spend huge amounts of money to have a network with which to utilize their spectrum.
        Having said that, I still believe that Ergen has had a plan and has been playing successfully into that plan throughout this process, as I truly believe that his desired assets were those of LS2 not an acquisiton of Sprint. He managed to divert attention away from LS2 thus aiding in the major telecoms moves to launch pre-emptive strikes in order to keep certain take over targets out of Dish's hands such as with Leap, this has left Ergen with a LS2 auction without a single major player able to be involved, allowing him to avoid a bidding war as Dish will walk away with the assets they wanted all along for once againg a huge bargain.
        These assets are particularly desirable to Dish as the primary chunk of spectrum fits very well in complimenting and balancing their current 40mhz chunk, giving them a nice size chunk, 40mhz for uplink and 40 for download as well as some addittional pieces of spectrum including holdings which cover Mexico which could be a resource for some type of alliance or negotiations with Carlos Slim.
        All in all Dish's holdings are said to be sufficent to launch a nationwide mobile broadband network once combined with the LS2 assets, no matter what one's views are it is a pretty far stretch to claim these holdings to be insignificant and without attraction to any of the 4 majors. A type of partnership with tmobile, or first with direct tv and then taking the combined force created by that merger which would create the largest pay tv service based on subs, take that to Tmobile or Sprint to negotiate an alliance. The benefits would be massive, the enourmous sub count alone would demand attention and provide great appeal as virtually all subs would transfer wireless services when able.

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