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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Oct 6, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    georgiafan is full of b.s., supposed expert misleading on MB

    Georgiafan has been attacking my posts and ideas as being for the most part impossibilities due to technological functionabilities, as if they are set in stone in the same manner as laws of physicsn
    First being the inability to deliver data to WiFi only devices, this is something which LS2 & partners were developing methods making a capability, also exploring the use of the usb port to allow connection.
    Now a big one, thecore concept explored throughout my posts being use of the new network, a wholesale network aimed to clients of the type as device manufacturers,content providers, applicationss, and addittionally strengthening smaller carriers.
    On the LS2 homepage as well as Wikipedia the uses I have been discussing are clearly confirmed as the concept of LS2. An example given was that retailers and device manufacturers could innovatively apply the capabilities to enhance their offerings such as device manufactures offering an added value to products bundling data service with their device.
    Finally this guy says that it is the carries who control which apps are compatible with their devices and what is accessible, even though he also said it would be illegal to restrict what can be accessed through a data network. Nonetheless if it is truly the carries who control these things then why would that be a problem for an improved LS2 concept, if I'm not mistaken the carrier provided the infastructure which facilitates the functions of the devices such as talk and data capabilities, well this is what the LS2 network aimed to do, furthermore I seriously doubt that any carrrier would refuse to offer a Sumsung phone (galaxy or note) if Samsung chose to include a Qualcomm chip designed to allow access to LS2's data.

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    • But they would. Adding LS2 is not as simple as having a chip that supports it.You also need the antenna broadcasting it. Which means that ATT/VZ have one less band they can support, which could be used for international LTE roaming. Second, Data services are the bread and butter of carriers now, which is why voice and text are unlimited, but they charge by the GB. Adding LS2 service cuts into their profits.

      The Sprint galaxy note cannot even use Verizon's LTE network, so I am suppose to believe they are going to support Dish's network? Apple would be the only one that could make it happen, because their iPhone supports all four carriers lte network, but Apple does not do things for free. Apple laos does not want to create their own network.

      I am not the only one calling you out lately. You have no knowledge of what you speak. I do not pretend to be an expert like you do. I just do not like people misleading others. Half of your posts do not even match up to what Dish is saying in their FCC filings. You are a complete joke.

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