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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Oct 26, 2013 5:03 AM Flag

    looks like my many delusional Ergen/Dish broadband fantasies r coincidently on course

    Despite my complete ignorance regarding spectrum use and data delivery as well as completely rediculous pipe dreams regarding Dish being able to deploy a game changing, industry first level of consumer benefital capabilities in their knockout runaway victory in pay tv's frantic race to deliver the most compelling tv everywhere experience thanks to the benefits afforded them and enjoyed from the position of, for the moment, as being uniquely positioned thanks to their ownership of their own mobile data network.
    Funny that the essence of these recent articles as well as statements from Dish are for practical purposes offering up basically what amounts to being on par with my insane, technologically impossible delusions coming out of nowhere. Some major coincidence that despite me lacking the technical knowledge of detailed spectrum issues, the general concept of providing the bar none greatest tv everywhere experience as well as VOD storefront for current and soon to be Dish customers.
    U see it's not really that important to understand all the technical aspects of spectrum and associated technology in order to be able to cut through to see the vision and goals being pursued.

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    • Your insane technological impossible delusions were that Dish was going to get its spectrum on every device even those sold onto Tmobile, Att, Verizon, and Sprint. Last I check, No news of that has come out.

      All the news we have now is that NTLS is continuing with the partnership they started before. And NTLS is not even using Dish's spectrum. They are using their own 2.5Ghz spectrum, so Dish does not even own this fixed wireless network. The only thing Dish is providing is the SAT tv for bundling.

      Second, Dish creating a Fixed Wireless network does not confirm any of your plans. The only thing it confirms is that Dish has a fixed wireless network to bundle with their current services. It does not foreshadow their spectrum being on other devices. It does not foreshadow everywhere TV. No one has said Dish cannot make a fixed wireless network. It will cost them a lot of money, but it is not impossible.

      The only thing that has been proven so far is that you still have no clue what you are talking about and that you are willing to take a drop of water and sell it as an Ocean. And that you suck at making arguments.

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