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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Nov 5, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Dish + Sprint could become the most powerful wireless carrier, though Dish+Tmobile wouldn't be bad either

    As Ergen mentioned, during their DD of Sprint's most private and informative company files which was made possible thanks to Dish's acquisition bid, Sprint and Dish carry a great deal of mutually benefical fittings related to their spectrum and their potential to effectively combine those assets in a highly effective manner.
    Based on comments made by Ergen it would seem as if a Sprint merger or partnership of some sort would be the most effective means of utilizing Dish's spectrum holdings as well as their soon to be acquired assets from LS2, thus creating quit possibly the most powerful and capable mobile broadband network in existence.
    Surely Sprint and Softbank would be very interesting in developing a partnership or some sort, obviously the benefits produced through the integration of both companies spectrum provides great appeal but in addition to that Dish also brings with them their 11million subs as well as in my opinion the most powerful weapon of them all. A partnership would bring about a means by which Sprint is able to differenciate and separate themselves from all others in the wireless market while simultaneously doing the same for Dish amongst all competitors within their pay tv provider market.
    The combination would finally fuel the initiation of a fully realized tv everywhere experience, one of industry dreams which has been front and center amongst all major pay tv providers as the service of clearly #1 concern and massive compititiion in the race to be the leader in functionality of such a service, only to see fierce headwinds in their efforts to deliver this offering in the manner sought after by both consumers and the providers who do understand where that service needs to be and have a clear vision as to what a successful rollout consists of, it's simply a matter of easier said than done. A Dish/Spint combo could finally make good on the industry wide promoting to consumers of the ability to watch anything you want

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    • Dish owns S band, 700Mhz, and possibly L-band, while Sprint owns PCS, SMR, and 2.5Ghz. I am not seeing the mutual benefit. First Dish's spectrum can not even be combined with Sprint's TD-LTE network, because you cannot carrier aggregate TD and FD LTE, so Dish's spectrum is useless to Sprint, but even if it were possible, the max you can aggregate is 5 channels with a max width of 20Mhz for a total of 100Mhz. Sprint owns on average 120Mhz of 2.5Ghz in the top 100 markets, so Sprint already has more than enough spectrum to exceed the max without Dish.

      Of course Ergen wants to piggy back on Sprint. They are building out the best network. Their tests showed 1.3Gbps throughput. That is insane on a cellular network, especially went most phones are not even getting over 20Mbps. Who would not want to be attached to that. Softbank has a history of building out strong networks. They are currently the kings in their home country of Japan and their competition is much more fierce than in the US.

      How would Dish allow Sprint to differentiate themselves? I assume you are referring to bringing TV into the formula, but Dish is a middleman. Is it not feasible for Sprint to just get the same deals with content providers as Dish is trying to do. If that is the route they want to take, which I do not believe it is with Masayoshi Son's commented about being an internet company. Bundling and forcing customers to user your service seems very anti Internet company to me.

      Plus Masayoshi Son already made these comments “I just deliver the results, instead of big-mouthing about the future,” Son said. “Do you want to attach a satellite dish to your smartphone? It’s going to become much heavier. I don’t see any real meaningful value that he can offer to the smartphone customers.”

      I think the could partner, but Dish is going to need to bring a lot of money to the table. Tv everywhere is not going to cut it. Tmobile would be smarter and cheaper for Dish, but less expertise than Softbank.

    • (from your package), anytime you want, anywhere you want, and on any device you want. Finally the concept initially moved forward through Dish's technology will reach that level of functionality, and with Sprint maintaining unlimited data plans along with the massively increased network capacity we will see an industry game changer as Sprint becomes the sole operator capable of such an offering, consequently we will likely see an increase in the number of both Dish and Sprint subs.
      Moving on into the VOD space, the space which is so strongly sought to emerge as a major force which could provide some degree of a return to home video's glory days and the huge revenue it brought with it, generally more than half of a movies total revenues came from home video rather than at the theatre and during that period Blockbuster became the single largest source of income for the studios. The studios are doing everything they can to bring that back, this time through the digital platform thus the development of UV along with various other efforts such as restructuring of the release windows which was at the peak of home video rentals structured to were titles were released for sale and rental first, then 3 to 6 months after that they were released to VOD which at the time consisted of pay-per-view available through one's cable provider.
      Recently those release windows changed to provide digital access the same day as titles went on sale while both Netflix's by mail as well as Redbox Kiosks had a 28day delay imposed by most of the major studios, as this did little to produce adaption of digital the release windows were further adjusted to provide digital access 2-3 weeks prior to titles going on sale, allowing one to purchase a title through a digital storefront such as bestbuys cinemanow and have immediate access while they await receiving the physical disc upon it's arrival at the store. Studios have now begun the planned same day as theatrical release availability.

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