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  • GrdPooBaKs GrdPooBaKs Feb 18, 1998 12:24 PM Flag

    Is this a good Idea !!

    You fellas up there in your �GlassTowers� might want to stop and think a moment, let me tell you from the �small fry's�
    prospective what it looks like down here!! There's know need for me to go into the whole story because I can hear what you are thinking
    now, one customer does not a company make, most likely. Bet that's what the BIG BOYS at the big retail giant�s thought too!! Our
    family was prepared to spend 350.00 (a little more a little less) + the cost of the monthly programming, and let me tell you that's
    a lot for some! This company best look around and see what's going to happen. What ever happened to trying to please a
    customer, trying to get a customer. Let�s see if my math is right and assuming that say one (1) out of ever four (4) customers was
    treated like I was hummm, Then --> if they sold 800,000 next year 200,000 would have not bought at all. so 200,000 times 350.00
    let�s see that would be 70,000,000.00 $ now that's just the dish what about the programming, 200,000 times 37.99 (this is the 2
    packages we were going to get) would be 7,598,000.00 ofcorse these numbers are just assumptions but still yet this seems like a WHOLE
    LOT TO ME !! after emailing the company (not just once but twice) and still receiving no response one must wonder about there
    customer relations or service if any really do exists ? Well enough said ! Thank you

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    • I am a dish network dealer in New Orleans. I have not as of yet
      had a customer that was not happy with the product,customer
      service, or the programming. Why dont you post your problem and
      mabye we can take care of it. Just saying you are not happy does
      not mean anything. The only problem I have with dish is that it
      is very hard to get systems, but thats only because they cant
      produce them fast enough to supply all of the happy customers
      out there. Im not saying that you didnt have a problem but I
      dont think it is fair to post what you did without posting the
      problem you had. and as far as your 1 out of 4 unhappy customers
      your way off the numbers. Feel free to E-Mail me @

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