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  • aanonick aanonick Apr 14, 1998 1:06 PM Flag

    This Is Crazy

    I don't care who upgraded this stock, going over 27 is crazy! Any stock in a new industry which is expected to lose money for the next several years should not be at 27. I feel it is highly overvalued!!!!!!!!

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    • Call this Senator's office and ask him to support
      Washington -- Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) is planning to
      introduce a bill this week allowing companies like
      Communications Corp. to offer local broadcast signals throughout
      a local market.

      Coble's bill will become the
      starting point of a complex and contentious debate
      involving the cable industry, broadcasters,
      owners and direct-broadcast satellite operators over
      reform of the Satellite Home Viewer Act, which sunsets
      Dec. 31, 1999.

      '[Coble] intends to introduce a
      bill that all of them can support,' said Mitch
      Glazier, chief counsel of the House Subcommittee
      Courts Intellectual Property.

      Although Glazier
      provided just a few details of the bill, he told reporters
      that in all likelihood the measure will leave
      unchanged cable's
      compulsory license. Under the license,
      cable can retransmit local broadcast signals at
      virtually no cost and import distant signals for
      $170 million annually in copyright

      'Cable probably won't be touched,' Glazier

      Coble, chairman of the subcommittee, is hoping to vote
      the bill out of his subcommittee in March. No Senate
      bill is expected to
      surface anytime soon, said
      Senate Judiciary Committee spokeswoman Jeanne

      Glazier said the bill will permit EchoStar to beam local
      signals back into their market of origin, but he declined
      to discuss in detail
      the bill's application of
      must-carry and retransmission consent rules on local DBS

      In an alliance that may prove to be too powerful for
      EchoStar to overcome legislatively, cable and broadcasters
      are united in their
      support for requiring EchoStar
      to comply with must-carry and retransmission

      William Sullivan, a board member of the National
      Association of Broadcasters, said in testimony before Coble's
      panel last week that
      EchoStar should carry all
      full-power TV stations in a market it elects to serve,
      obtain retransmission consent if necessary,
      network non-duplication and syndicated exclusivity rules
      and be barred from importing distant signals into the
      markets where it
      provides local

      Charles Ergen, president and CEO of EchoStar, said in his
      testimony that although 'a solution is workable with the
      broadcasters,' he
      wants must-carry postponed until EchoStar
      has a larger subscriber base.
      EchoStar is offering
      local signals to 'unserved' homes in six markets and
      has plans to serve about 20 markets representing
      percent of all U.S. households by the end of the year.
      But EchoStar can't sell to all homes in a market
      without a change in the law
      or a favorable
      interpretation of current law from the U.S. Copyright

      Glazier indicated that Coble is searching for a
      compromise that results in regulatory parity between cable
      operators and DBS
      carriers and that meets with
      broadcaster approval.

      '[Coble] said he wants to make
      sure that satellite has the ability to be competitive
      with cable,' Glazier said. 'That means the
      rules, the same regulations, the same opportunities
      apply to both.'

      Glazier declined to comment on
      two hot topics associated with the reauthorization of
      SHVA: Will the Coble bill make the satellite
      permanent instead of subject to periodic review and will it
      remove the requirement that former cable subscribers
      must wait 90
      days before buying network signals
      from a satellite carrier.

      House sources said
      the 90-day waiting period would be removed and Coble
      was leaning toward making the satellite

      House Telecommunications Subcommittee chairman Rep.
      Billy Tauzin (R-La.), who will have a large say in the
      debate, favors
      allowing DBS carriers to provide local
      signals under a must-carry requirement phased in over
      time but with a deadline.

    • Echostar is also going to start HDTV beginning next year
      or late this year.

    • target=new >

      They are also planning to get local access via Congress

      OK so, Internet + Local channel

      Then they are teaming (surpisingly and this could
      be old news) with Adaptec to bring out a cable
      box for more "interactive" tv the same stuff
      that big cable companies like TCI (and soon
      MSFT) are trying to do.

      If this local tv bs can be passed by Congress
      look for this stock to move up fast

    • What happened to DISH today?
      the stock really dropped for some reason...
      anybody know why?

    • Echo star needs to concentrate on it's products and should see if they can use their satellites for internet services. The subscribers will come in time.

    • Does anyone know of a site that has done a current cost comparison/benefit analysis of the various satellite services that are available? I see dishes that are available anywhere from $100 to $300. I've been to Good site.

      PS A Merril analysist upgraded this morning looking for $42.

    • If the picture via the rooftop antenna is somewhat
      fuzzy, the satellite user should certainly be entitled
      to a higher-quality picture. Others can get cable-feeds
      for local networks. By the way, many cable companies
      provide people with very lousy local pictures.

      MV BABER

    • The key word to remember when they ask if you can receive an acceptable picture with a roof top antennea is the word acceptable. I can receive a picture but it is not acceptable! I get a shadow. Therefore I am allowed the national feed. By the way, compared to the quality of the satellite feed, I do not believe any broadcast through an antenna is "acceptable". Do with that what you may.


    • I have both the East and West feeds. The only thing they ask can you get an acceptable piture. I live neer an airport that is the reason I gave them. Stock holder also I think the sky is the limit. Good Day

      PS it would be great to have a west coast FOX feed

    • DSS companies are required to ask people if they
      can receive local ABC's, NBC's, CBS's with a non-fuzzy
      picture before they can send National feeds. I really
      don't think any major crime has been committed if the
      picture really wasn't that 'fuzzy'.


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