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  • dicepoker dicepoker May 3, 1998 1:26 AM Flag

    DISH added 26% more subscribers than DIR

    DISH added 26% more subscribers than DIRECTV for the Reporting Period: 4-12-98 to 4-26-98.

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    • I've charted the subscriber info from
      and the numbers are interesting. Dish's market share
      is increasing at a steady rate from approx. 10%
      5/1/97 to approx. 18% now. That would be good in an
      industry that isn't growing but when you combine Dish's
      market penetration with a 40% industry growth rate over
      the past year you have feel real good about today's

      If Dish maintains it's current market share
      (remember it's actually growing nicely - 8% increase over
      the past 12 months) and if the industry continues to
      grow 40% annually, Dish will have approximately 1.7
      million subs in 24 months and 2.4 million subs in 24

      If Dish continues to increase its market
      share at the same rate as the past 12 months (8%) AND
      the industry continues to grow 40%, dish will have
      2.5 million subs in 12 months and 4.6 million in 24
      months. This would still give Dish only 34% of the

      With Dish's lower cost and more channel options, I
      believe we'll see 2 million subs in the next 9

      Didn't Paul Allen just pay a couple of billion for a
      cable company in the Southwest with 2 million


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