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  • geniusstock geniusstock May 8, 1998 7:55 AM Flag


    Put your $$ here, 4th sattelite, outselling
    competitors,best offer $89 installed, local channels,
    What else do you need to hear, or see?
    Once this
    sattelite is in orbit, watch the news releases of how they
    will use her!

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    • Thanks for the info. Looks like a great system!

    • Borrkfield 79

      You wrote "I purchased the
      dish 4000 receiver hoping to pick up ac-3 off of the
      satellite, and was sorely disappointed when I couldn't do

      Check out this

      Review the JVC/Dish System 5000 D-VHS Receiver/Recorder.
      They promote the fact that this system is the 1'st
      consumer device to play AND record AC3 (SOON TO BE

      The price of this unit is remarkable for first-time


    • for Dish service are really just as high as
      cable....If you get movie channels (and several of them) you
      are looking at 45.00 per month or there
      abouts....that's good for the profitability of the company but as
      far as it being cheaper than cable it really isnt...

      • 2 Replies to jeff6755
      • even if there weren't more channels available in
        the sky...and even if the upgrade offerings weren't
        improving faster in the sky than in cable...and even if the
        quality of audio/video was not better...and even if the
        next wave of higher definition wasn't going to be
        going through the satelites before the wire gets
        it...and even if satellite wasn't superior technology to
        cable (which increasingly needs political cover and
        protection from friends in DC)...I hate having to choose a
        product with no competing alternatives. Having just moved
        to a new location and having left that old 10'
        C-band clunker behind (it provided 10 reliable years of
        service), the choice was easy for me. I personally would
        put up a pole and an antenna before bending over and
        taking the wire (cable). These days we are just starting
        to determine the true VALUE of these services
        because we are just now starting to see the beginings of
        competing alternatives in the marketplace. Just as in real
        estate or most any market, value is determined by a
        meeting of the minds between an informed buyer and seller
        in a market environment. As we see more competing
        alternatives to cable, it will either have to improve the
        value of the services it provides or else lose market
        share. In this way, the market will improve the services
        for all consumers in this area regardless of your
        delivery system and the true value of one (satellite)
        versus another (cable) will become clearer.

      • with DISH you get a couple 100 channels to cables 50 for the same price, and if they are the same than I'm very happy with having the same share value as cable!

    • They still have to move satellite "IV" to its
      final position, then move satellite "I" to a new
      position. While not as risky as the launch itself, I won't
      be cheering until they achieve the final

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