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  • sirwsj sirwsj May 12, 1998 1:52 AM Flag

    Revenue up 60% from last year

    DISH is probably going to announce
    revenue increase from last year.

    That's an obvious
    inference from the
    sales figures on the web site

    What about earnings? That's the

    Damn if FCC let's go of this local cable
    shit and
    full carry requirement this
    stock will touch 40 in
    a few weeks


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    • If Murdoch/News Corp. think Echostar's lawsuit is
      frivolous and will go away or be dismissed, THAT is wishful
      thinking. My sources say Echostar has a very strong case
      and will win. Cutting a deal with Echostar on the
      satellite slot is Murdoch's best way out of the mess.

    • I think that it is wishful thinking to say that
      News Corp. will sell the slot to Echostar. I think we
      better brace ourselves and understand that the Justice
      suit blocking the sale will be settled and that
      Primestar will end up with satellite slot. The cables
      companies may have to sell their interests in Primestar,
      but the bottom line is that a deal will be worked out
      and Primestar will end up being a powerful
      competitor. I've had a nice run with DISH, but i'm not gonna
      get greedy. Once the analysts starting putting Buy
      ratings on a stock, it's time to exit. See ya, good luck.

    • Here's my prediction and remember that you heard
      it here first. Now that the DOJ intends to bar the
      sale of Murdoch's key satellite slot to Primestar, I
      predict Murdoch will sell it to DISH at a bargain price
      to settle DISH's lawsuit against him.

    • Knowing very little about law, perhaps some
      attourny out there can answer this:

      Echostar might
      win the News Corp lawsuit, but then doesn't Echostar
      have to show damages? It seems like the amount of
      damage from Murdochs dealings with E* are getting less
      and less every day. Perhaps he has done more damage
      to Primestar!

    • Rupert picked the wrong company to partner with
      when he pulled out of the Echostar investment and went
      with the Primestar deal. Does anyone know how the
      Echostar's lawsuit with News Corp is going and if the recent
      court action to halt the Primestar deal will effect
      possibly a "settlement"?

    • I agree. The sky is the limit for this stock now.

    • If revenue growth exceeds expectations, then EPS
      is likely to be lower than expectations since DISH
      recognizes customer acquisition costs currently. I can't
      guess how this might affect share prices. What do
      potential DISH investors value more, revenue growth or

      • 3 Replies to MrMGA
      • I think it's safe to say that the average
        investor (the 4 % of us who aren't EchoStar officers)
        doesn't care about earnings. This outfit has no earnings;
        just ever smaller losses and positive surprises. They
        are reinvesting revenue into further growth.
        Generally this is a good thing as perceived by analysts who
        have just this week improved to a strong buy rating of
        DISH. Their customer base has doubled since i bought
        the stock; unfortunately the stock has not; it is
        probably safe to say there is a lot of upside potential.
        The stock has been much higher (nearly 40 in 1996)
        with a far less positive outlook than now. I don't
        know what the analysts' target is right now but i
        would guess at least 34 by the end of the year, maybe
        better. Bear in mind there is very little float; any
        demand at all will push prices very high very fast. Any
        more positive news or upgrades is a strong signal to
        buy before it's too late.

      • Take a look at todays close to see what is important to's the BIG picture that we are all looking toward-just everyone jumps off at different times.'

      • If you are long more rev now earnings will take care of itsself later on.

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