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  • XRXoid XRXoid May 29, 1998 8:51 AM Flag

    Where did E* 4 go?

    Below is the last 'official' press release from
    E* on the E*4. Does anyone have further info...or
    when they may know the eventual outcome???? Does
    anybody from Lockheed Martin know?


    Littleton, CO; May
    18, 1998 - EchoStar Communications Corporation
    (Nasdaq: DISH, DISHP) today
    announced that its EchoStar
    IV satellite has experienced anomalies in connection
    with solar panel deployment.
    The satellite, an
    A2100AX design built by Lockheed Martin, was put into
    geosynchronous transfer orbit on a
    Proton launch vehicle on
    May 8, 1998.

    Initial data indicates a
    significant number of transponders probably will not be
    affected. A series of maneuvers
    will be conducted over
    the next several weeks in order to attempt to correct
    the malfunction and a full recovery
    remains a
    possibility. However, the Company can not yet quantify the
    full extent of the anomalies and no
    assurances can
    be given as to the number of transponders that will
    ultimately be available for use. In the event
    is significantly diminished, EchoStar may determine
    to locate EchoStar IV at 148� W.L. for local
    niche programming, and maintain its national service at
    119� W.L. uninterrupted.

    EchoStar has
    approximately $220 million of insurance on the satellite, has
    notified its insurance broker, and
    expects that any
    significant loss of capacity would be covered by insurance.
    EchoStar does not maintain
    insurance for lost profit

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