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  • Gandalf_80301 Gandalf_80301 Nov 19, 1998 4:39 PM Flag

    FCC Says Satellite TV Firms Must Have Ed

    IMHO, This is pure, unadulterated

    It seems to me that the F.C.C. and congress are
    owned by the Broadcast Networks and Cable Operators. If
    the F.C.C. requires that DBTV operators NOT ONLY
    CARRY POLITICAINS gross BULLSHIT then they should also
    be allowed to carry the network broadcasts to make
    an even playing field between Cable and

    :-( Gandalf

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    • I definitely hate the cable...I live 125 miles
      east of DC/Baltimore (almost in the ocean). If I cave
      in and connect the much hated wire to my house, I
      get all the Baltimore/Washington market stations
      (something which I will never do since I am a C band-12'dish
      veteran and havent had cable for 15 years). But if I go
      to the Dish site on the net and type in my zip code,
      I flippin dont qualify to get the same programming.
      That playing field is as level as Yosemite.....the
      wire can, but the wire is insistent that DBS can't.
      Check out how the ATT/TCI merger (where ATT wants get
      the local phone service through the back door with
      the coax wire) where they are trying to lock out AOL
      from access on their
      pipeline. I believe the same
      ATT/TCI have stakes in AtHome and some of the internet
      front ends designed for point is, these guys
      hate competition, will lock out any competitive
      threats and do the consumer no good. We will be okay as
      long as
      the market is freed up so DBS can live up
      to its full potential.

    • The cable/broadcast lobby has bought the FCC lock
      stock and barrel. 1 out of every 25 video channels
      given away for free!!! My question is where are these
      channels going to come from? I'll tell you where, they
      will come out of the channels I already pay for!!

      • 1 Reply to javacat97
      • I have to agree.... To let the cable companies
        run wild and then hand cuff the "little" satellite
        companies is absolutel insane!
        The cable companies can
        treat their customers terribly and charge for services
        which are too much....but when Dish and Direct want to
        compete at an even level, the big bad FCC says that that
        wouldn't be an option! I'd sure like to know who is
        getting their pockets lined, and also would like to make
        a loan with one on these Congressmen..... he
        definitely has too much time and a whole lot of money on his

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