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  • KEL1116 KEL1116 May 26, 1999 4:32 PM Flag

    Even the Chinese prefer GMH


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    • EchoStar Shares Rise on DirecTV Suit, Oregon
      Cable-TV Ruling

      Littleton, Colorado June 7
      (Bloomberg) -- EchoStar Communications Corp. shares rose as
      much as 14 percent on optimism that a lawsuit against
      rival Hughes Electronics Corp.'s DirecTV and a ruling
      against AT&T Corp. in Portland, Oregon, will weaken
      competition against the No. 3 U.S. satellite-TV company.

      EchoStar rose 13 1/4 to 139 1/4 in late trading of 1.27
      million shares, more than twice its three-month daily
      average. Earlier, the shares touched a record 143 3/8.

      The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
      sued No. 1 U.S. satellite broadcaster DirecTV last
      week to enforce its right to sell HBO, Showtime and
      other premium programming that DirecTV acquired when it
      bought U.S. Satellite Broadcasting Co. Analysts said
      EchoStar could win more customers while DirecTV, which has
      countersued, is distracted by litigation.

      In another
      case, a federal judge ruled Friday that AT&T, the No. 2
      cable operator, must allow outside Internet-access
      companies to use its cable systems in the Portland area.
      The ruling, if upheld, might erode cable's

      ``There are a number of things in
      aggregate,'' said Bear Stearns analyst Vijay Jayant, who has a
      ``buy'' rating on the stock. ``I suspect there are a lot
      of retail buyers moving the stock on a mix of

      He also said Littleton, Colorado-based
      EchoStar rose as ``short sellers'' -- who had sold
      borrowed EchoStar shares with the hope of profiting by
      buying them back later at a lower price -- were forced
      to buy shares to control their losses.

      ``There's a short squeeze,'' Jayant said. ``You hit a
      certain pressure point, and the shorts have to buy.''

      There were 519,055 EchoStar shares sold short in May
      and 595,528 in April. That's compared to 312,415
      shares in March.

    • B.G. Is DISH great or what? I think DISHplayer is
      going to push us to new heights (as if we wern't
      already there). I don't know about the rest of you but
      DISH keeps making me wonder why I haven't bought more
      of it and less of my other stocks. I better hurry
      and order my 7100 before I can't get one and they
      rethink the $199 pricetag. S.B., are you enjoying this
      ride as much as I am? Good Luck All Longs! A.G.

    • Thats why I'm not trading with this stock. Will make more just holding than trying to market time, especially right now with so news coming out. Let us know when you get your dishplayer. SB

    • Ok, boys, I'm in. Deal 'em.

    • That 150 target by 2000 may have to be updated
      the way it looks. A.G. I wonder if they changed the
      marketing stategy from HDQTRS to dealers this weekend
      because of the strong demand. Maybe they will have order
      direct after they can get the supply back up but with
      all the good press that may be a while!! I am loving
      every minute of it!

    • The longer I own part of this company the more I
      love it! All longs should be proud of their foresite
      in investing in a company that not only makes huge
      gains, but that also has the wisdom to return something
      to the community.

      Congratulations to Charlie and all DISHeads!

      P.S. Bite me

    • You keep talking shit but this stock just keeps going up up up!
      Keep on talking shit. You have the credibility of lunatic!

    • MORON !!!!!

    • His calls and reputation are ready to collapse.
      This stock is going to at least 150 , before it
      retraces any of it's gains. Don't listen to short hyping
      idiots. follow your tech analysis and do your DD on this
      stock. Good things are happening at DISH..

    • I have been reading your posts for over a month
      now on DISH. And you what, you haven't been right
      yet. Not one time in the last four weeks have you
      predicted the movement of this stock. I've been getting fat
      and rich on DISH and it's going to continue. Do me a
      favor give me solid reasons why dish is overvalued, you
      won't be able to. Just like everother internet company
      who has no profits stock prices are sustained because
      of the high value that the future holds. Down the
      road the weak will fall off but considering there are
      only to DBS companies out there DISH will escalate in
      value for the next year at least. There's nothing I
      like better than to see the shorts no longer show
      there face when the stock keeps going up. Good luck
      shorting DISH I hope it makes you file for government aid.

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