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  • javacat97 javacat97 Jul 9, 1999 10:35 AM Flag

    Great quote for longs

    I stole this from the Silicon Investor

    Mutual Fund manager Jim Callinan, according to Tuesday's
    WSJ, "believes Echostar,with about two million
    subscribers, could grow to 15 million subscribers in the next
    four or five years. He values each subscriber at
    $4,000, a price that current deals are approaching in the
    industry. That would give the company a potential market
    value of $60 billion, up from its current $8 billion.
    So he figure the stock, which now sells for about
    $170, would be worth more than $1,000 in five years.
    'It's the biggest no-brainer I ever saw,' he says."

    Loooong DISH

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    • Kbaby, take a look at this Bloomberg news
      buy it while it is still cheap! 100 millions +
      dish subscriber.

      Hong Kong, July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Loral Space &
      Communications Ltd., a U.S. satellite manufacturer, may buy a 20
      to 30 percent stake in APT Satellite Holdings Ltd.,
      a China- backed satellite operator, the Hong Kong
      Economic Times newspaper reported, citing the Electronic
      Times Network, a Hong Kong Chinese-language news wire
      service. A Merrill Lynch research report also said Pacific
      Century Regional Development Ltd., the Singapore-listed
      property and insurance arm of Richard Li's Pacific Century
      Group, is interested in becoming a shareholder in APT,
      the paper said.

      APT shares rose 4.32
      percent to HK$6.05 yesterday.

    • I've been in since 18 and it's been a helluva
      ride, but I agree it may be slowing for now unless
      Charlie has a wildcard to play. Something like a
      partnership with a major telco, internet, etc. Watching and
      waiting for now...

    • ShrimpsorLobsterAnybody1 ShrimpsorLobsterAnybody1 Jul 15, 1999 7:56 PM Flag

      I recently unloaded 3k shares (total Long
      Position I have held since 17 1/4. I have chosen to
      continue to day trade this stock and not short it. Looking
      back at the downgrades and targets reached @150, the
      stock had fallen to 145 on this negative news but had
      risen to 164 (19 pts better) while a few shorts covered
      on 7/12/99. The true support at present is about
      151. Either this stock is going to make and beat its
      highs prior to its upcoming split or lose moemntum
      after the split. Now we may see a few bargain hunters
      entering the forum after the split on 7/19/99 which may
      very well lend rise to the stocks price short term.
      I'd watch this 151 support and especially when the
      stock gaps up in the morning on positive futures to see
      if these gap ups are sustained. Over the last two
      trading days with good futures and good reports, (CPI)
      dish has not held up. This is a good time to eyeball
      this stock at its current 155 price and see where it
      goes. The lack of volume may be due to the summertime
      blues but overall as a dish subscriber, the CORP needs
      to produce or head towards a positive QER in the not
      too distant future. I bought a small position in dish
      today and will eyeball the stock on level two tomorrow
      in premarket and to the close.....

      LOL to


    • Former_DISH_short_Now_Dishwasher Former_DISH_short_Now_Dishwasher Jul 15, 1999 6:31 PM Flag

      soon as i get some more credit card
      applications in the mail, i'll be
      shorting this one again!!!

      you'll see kell and tank and i, flying
      in our private lear jet to lou's fla. Pad!!

    • investor of all time. He must be right. I shorted
      this thing all the way up from 22 6 months ago!
      However, since I am such a brilliant investor, I was long
      at the same time. Through all this volatility I'm
      only down $39.90 in commissions!!!! Can't do much
      better than that!

    • stock short term as nobody can predict that. Long
      term, this baby is going up. I bet my retirement on

      But to GUESS at the short term, 120 bucks is 60 bucks
      a share post split. Thats sounds like a bargain and
      if it every touchs that low point, I am positive
      that buyers will come in at that price and push the
      stock to new all time highs. However, Too much
      accumulation in the 150s to go down to that level.

      could be wrong but I don't think so.

      Mr Beer.

    • your friend, weren't you 2 the same brains that
      could not find the Merrill Lynch/DISH

      My Boss' Son happens to work at ML, mailroom I
      think? LOL

      Thanks for the advice...breaktime's

    • For all of you rich people who owned DISH now is
      your time to get rich again. NETS is poised to take
      off. UP 3+ today and climbing. Price target set of $50
      12 months and $130 past that. At less than $25 it is
      a steal. They have a web site to be launched next
      month and by then it will be too late. Get in today!!!

    • So when your friend is wrong, will you take stock advice from them again?

    • A friend of mine has the inside scoop on this
      stock and he says that will go down to 120 pretty soon.
      Now, I'm not saying that this is going to
      know the whole buyer beware thing...but this guy has
      been right in the past. So, you should consider this
      and the future of you and your kids.

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