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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Aug 9, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    Not as bad as I thought.

    Two of their markets were down (Boston and S.F.?), and have to back out the political that they had last year, plus a nonrecurring revenue item, that they didn't have this year.

    Slightly outpaced their markets, and gain market share overall.

    Also, increase in expenses is partially investments for the future, which will, presumably, result in rewards.

    Despite market weakness, they are NOT worried about their ability to refinance their debt.

    $8-12 target in 6-12 months on this stock, imho. Probably $9-10, I'm thinking...a 50%+ gain from current prices.

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    • Down around a $1.70 in ten days since you posted this post....

      This company financial position is, truly, bankrupt-able.

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      • Since every stock's been beat up, the dust has yet to settle on which deserved to be knocked back & which'll bounce back soonest.

        Last time we were loading up on ETM at $5/share, you shorts made all this noise too. It brings back the painful memory of better-than-doubling that money in 6 months....

        ETM is one of my largest holdings, & I've been on house money since that last crescendo, still am, with all the loading up I did today, & those gains could have bought many more. Longtime has been in ETM longer & deeper. Your jibes, as they used to say down here, make him no nevermind.

    • Wow! Gee! They still have not refinaced? Could squeeze down to $2 or $3 when that crisis hits. We know they will pay through the nose as their interest rates double. If they are "not worried" why have they not gone ahead and refinaced their massive debt? Please explain?

      I've made a fortune shorting this one over and over. When exactly will the equity holders realize they own nothing? ETM is owned by its debt holders and the debt owners will soon be extracting every penny of cashflow...

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