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  • bigfatmom999 bigfatmom999 Dec 7, 2002 2:13 PM Flag


    when he stole the election then game 9/11
    since then can anyone tell me one thing
    other then firing the 2 idiots he appointed
    i no he did something in afgan but since
    i can't think of one at all and i doubt
    he will invade iraq at all it was worked
    for elections
    now i bet he will not be able to find anyone
    for solve the business mess
    2003 will be worst then now i see unemployment
    at 6.5 to 7 and markets nasdaq 2800 tops
    dow 10,000
    he bankrupt all the airlines with this security
    mess for it cost alot for security
    i believe once democrats get back in we will
    see employment back with techs and rest
    who in the hell would want the job for it is
    a mess
    how do you cut taxes in a bad recession and
    run a war?
    he increased defense by 45 billion so he has
    to cut some where to cover this and it will
    services, and social security
    look at all the states the got the shaft
    all services will be charged double or cut off
    where i live i now pay double for water, and
    my garbage will only be picked up 1 time a month
    2 years you will see the real bush and you
    wish gore had won

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    • Granted adult afair's not noble, but afair with a child close to the age of your own is truly disgusting

    • Are you sure? Both Gingrish and Hutchinson had affairs with their aides. Of course they did the honorable thing and divorced their wives and married the new younger girls. Who do you trust??

      As for Gore and the internet, you should be congratulated on perpetuating a story started by the RNC.

    • well he had the taliban on the run, making our country safer, defeated terrorist in congress, now a majority of good guy's (republican's)he didn't invent the internet but gore helped us be more informed by his invention ;) and you can trust sending you daughter's to intern in the whitehouse now. ;)

    • The rebate was a permanent tax cut. The rebate just prepaid taxpayers for the tax relief that they would accumulate during the year. If you got the rebate you had to report it on your income tax form. My point is that the economic slowness is not caused by a lack of consumer spending. They are spending their little hearts out, taking out home equity loans, etc. If they stop spending then you will see some serious problems.

    • yea but only one party is close to winning the war on terrorism. We just kick some terrorist out of washington ;P

    • People may modify their spending/saving behavior in response to a rebate, however the mdification in behavior occurs only once.

      Instituting permanent tax cuts allows people the freedom to modify their spending/savings behavior over an extended time period.

      In both instances the monies made available must be of a significant amount to ultimately provide stimulus to the economy.

      Rebates are a politicians way of appearing to do something to provide economic stimulus. Both parties were proven to be idiots in this particular case.

    • Note the "hearty approval" the market has given the White House for the new Treasury Sec. Out with one CEO and in with another. An odd choice.

    • " Do you have a suggestion on what the President can do to create "instant" prosperity? "

      Resignation would be good start! Instant prosperity through market gains are a given!

    • The problem with Bush's tax cuts is that they were not designed for economic stimulus. The original program was designed to counteract Steve Forbes in the primaries and reward his political backers. It was a political package and not a policy package. The only part of the tax cut that provided short term stimulus was the "rebate" that came courtesy of the Democrats in order to get enough support to pass the senate.

      Further income tax relief may not provide much help because almost every state will be raising income taxes to avoid state deficits.

      Hence the look at other ways to provide business stimulus and tax relief for dividends, etc. The problem is more complex than just another round of rate reductions.

    • Pauper,
      What you are not understanding is that perception is reality. GWB is understanding that and making some moves. I actually think running deficits is what needs to be done when the economy exists as it does currently.
      I was in disagreement with the first tax cut because I did not think we needed to make that move then and paying down the deficit would be a better long term solution. Times have changed, and I am more understanding of running deficits- that is the nature of the existing economy. And tax cuts are definitely NOT the only way to stimulate the economy. Increased spending by the federal gov can have the same effect.
      I do not think the economy is in too bad a shape, but I think tax breaks to the manufacturing sector may be a better solution as that is the part of the economy that needs to be kick started.
      Sorry, but I think Bush receives about a C for the way he has handled the economy. I also understand that he has had other issues that created some lack of domestic economy focus. I am all for the less taxes, but not at the expense of our long term economic health. Everything has a time and place.

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