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  • bx771 bx771 Mar 27, 2003 11:34 AM Flag

    Bush Tax Cuts

    The House has passed President Bush's budget, including the second round of tax cuts--$726 billion, 50 percent of it going to the richest 1 percent of the people in this country. In the Senate, Democrats managed to repeal more than half of the tax cut in order to pay for the current war, but Sen. Bill Frist, Republican majority leader, says he plans to go back and take that out of the bill. Had it not been for war, this budget would have been the subject of a huge national debate.

    If they pass the entire tax cut, it will provide a break of $256 a year to the average working family. Almost half of all taxpayers will get less than $100. But someone making a million dollars a year will get a cut of $92,000. This is iniquitous. It is wicked. It is damnably unfair.

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    • Hey, there was no effort at all. In fact, it seems that you exerted more effort to defend your mistake, then I did to find the original post.

    • your envy of other people's money is showing again.

    • I copied that out of the chicago tribune. You have to register that is why I did not just provide a link. Seems to me 8% of 1M is 80k if your 8% is correct. Sure it is not 9.2 % ?

    • So you accused Phil of not knowing what his talking about and now you're admitting mistakes.

      Geeh, that's news to me. Good start Pauper!


    • NP, you better read a little more carefully. Here is a cut and paste from the original post.

      "But someone making a million dollars a year will get a cut of $92,000. This is iniquitous. It is wicked. It is damnably unfair.
      Notice, it says "Someone making a million dollars a year".
      You are the one that jumped in with bogus reasoning.

    • As according to "BUSHAGAININ2004"--Just keep impressing the 10 or so numb-nuts that keep you company here on the ORCL board.

    • Why did Richard Pearl resign?

      YES. You're arrogant. Pretty much all religious people are, IF I happen to KNOW they're religious. If they keep it to themselves, as much as they can, they are NOT arrgogant.

      IF YOU'RE "NICE AND HUMBLE". I LOVE YOU, GOD LOVES YOU, YOUR MOMMA LOVES YOU. Otherwise, you're arrogant. How about the bumper-stickers that say, "I'm not perfect, just saved". STUPID! ARROGANT! BUMPER STICKERS FOR CHRISTIANS! Something wrong with that.

      Telling me to research on the net, INTERVIEWS ARE research. You all don't mind being yentahs about nearly everything. I figured you'd LOVE to explain exactly what "love your country" means. You and others have used the words,"love your country, "faith" "good American", "patriotism", etc. You use the words, I've simply asked you to define those words. You CAN'T. They are ABSTRACT CONCEPTS, SHIT you've been fed your entire lives. USE YOUR BRAINS for a change! People matter. BS like those symbols DON'T! Those things GET IN THE WAY OF PROGRESS and other good things. They allow scum-bags to hide behind them!

      You "don't have time". I've see you yenta it up and WASTE PLENTY of time.

      You're "PEACEFUL"? What a JOKE!

      PBS is saying the US will move ANOTHER 100,000 troops to the Iraq area because they NEED TO! GD! What a fucking mess! assholes!

    • We're not arrogant. Peaceful, happy, grateful maybe. We're sure not as arrogant as you.
      What do you want us to do? If we're nice and humble like MBP, you attack us with the most sarcastic, even vile remarks. If we're matter-of-fact, you say we're arrogant. One thing is for certain, you are always responding to posts between believers, like you just can't stand it. You just have to butt in and say something ugly. Don't you think that is strange?
      One other thing, most of us have to work. We don't have time to spend the whole day answering your questions. You're so smart do some research on the internet.

    • A credible life? By who's standard? A priest? Democratic party? Yours? Mine? Who sets the standard? The united Nations? Americans? Muslims? Hindus? Think I might have a clue. " Be yea perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect." Can't make the grade. Realizing nobody makes the grade. Comandments weren't given to show how good you were to be, but how good you couldn't be. They brought a knowledge of sin. Seek the one that can take away that sin. "Seek peace and righteousness without which no one will see God."

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