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  • coosal1540 coosal1540 Apr 24, 2003 2:43 PM Flag

    Bush Could Be One of the Greats

    I know I've spent a lot of time bashing G.W. Bush. But you know, it finally hit me. He really is a great leader and could go down as one of the all-time greatest Presidents. I think I will change my party affiliation to Republican.

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    • thats true I mean how many people could manage to squander a huge surplus, plunge us into an 80 billion dollars needless war. Lose millions of jobs, Anger the entire rest of the world except those we have paid to be our friends,
      and after doing all this manage to make people think he is doing a good job. It goes to show it is better to dazzle them with bullshit than talent.

      I think the dumming down of America is true this is a case in point. God bless America and George w'ya. I will change my registration also to "I DONT CARE ANYMORE"

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      • dont know how did clinton to it?
        Remember clinton left NO surplus.
        Bush came into office with the economy in recession thanks to you libs.
        Had clinton done his job Iraq would not have even been an issue.
        North Korea would not have been an issue either for that fact.
        Had you stupid dems done your job even the WTC might still be there.
        Oh and in case you have not noticed the rest of the world you are so worried about are kissing our ass trying to get back into our good graces you freaking moron.

    • i never knew, until now, how much i've been loved on this bored. imitation is THE MOST SINCERE form of flattery.

      thank you for caring

      coosa 1540

      i don't actually adhere to a particular political party. i dislike them both equally.
      so don't come back with that prejudice thing either.
      dog-gone! i'm famous!

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