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  • smart_investor67 smart_investor67 Nov 27, 2003 1:55 PM Flag

    Another Ann Coulter article..

    This woman is worse than David Duke:

    Monday, October 14, 2002

    Maybe people wouldn�t be so quick to call Ann Coulter a hatemonger if she didn�t write so much like...well, an ex-Klansman. Here are twenty-five statements, some from Coulter�s best-selling book Slander, others from writings posted by David Duke at his Web site, David Duke Online (including excerpts from his book, My Awakening). Duke is thought of as a man with, well, issues about black people, and while that�s true, a visit to his site shows that the real bee in his bonnet is Jews. So I�ve chosen Duke passages in which he talks about Jews, while the Slander passages, needless to say, concern liberals.

    Can you tell which is which?

    Answers below.

    1. ...[liberals/Jews] are bitter. The one impulse that consistently unites them is hate.

    2. You will never appreciate the full savagery of [the left/Jews] until you get in their way.

    3. Powerful [liberals/Jews] in media and government around the world frequently act to exert control over the peoples among whom they live.

    4. [Liberals/The Jewish people] hate America, they hate �flag-wavers,� they hate abortion opponents....Even Islamic terrorists don�t hate America like [liberals/Jews] do.

    5. Through the efforts of [liberal/Jewish] and other traitors to the United States, the American government has embarked on a foreign policy that has repeatedly betrayed America�s true interests.

    6. Predators are great fun for [liberals/Jews]. Criminals and poor people allow them to swell with a sense of their own incredible self-worth.

    7. [Liberals/Jews] hate society and want to bring it down to reinforce their sense of invincibility. Secure in the knowledge that their beachfront haciendas will still be standing when the smoke clears, they giddily fiddle with the little people�s rules and morals.

    8. The same media that prohibits even the slightest criticism of [liberals/Jews] has no reluctance to demean other groups....The portrayal of the slack-jawed, green-toothed, ignorant, racist, hateful, murderous, rural White Southerner has become a stereotype in Hollywood films....In stark contrast, whenever [liberals/Jews] are mentioned as a group, it is always with a sort of a hushed reverence.

    9. Like all propagandists, [liberals/Jews] create mythical enemies to justify their own viciousness and advance their agenda.

    10. Each year, tens of thousands of stories about intelligent, compassionate, unselfish, creative, moral and courageous [liberals/Jews] fill two-foot TV screens and 30-foot movie screens; our newspapers, magazines, and books; our playhouses, pulpits and podiums; our radio waves and satellite transmissions. There are thousands of portrayals of persecuted [liberals/Jews] as innocent, noble and heroic; while their opponents are portrayed as the embodiment of evil. No group on Earth has better public relations than do [liberals/the Jewish people].

    11. The wildly disproportionate percentage of [liberals/Jews] in the media is not an insignificant point. The media determine how the news will be served up, how the players are characterized, what news to report, and what news not to report. The same clich�s, biases, and outright lies are constantly reinforced through the media sound chamber.

    12. The [liberal/Jewish] domination of American media is long-standing. Even as far back as the 1920s, [liberals/Jews] had influence far disproportionate to their percentage of the population. And even though media operations frequently change hands and the CEOs, chairmen, administrators, and top editors change, [liberal/Jewish] domination is stronger than ever�and the power brokers continue to increase and consolidate their power.

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    • "GD idiot republican"
      BGin4, you're being redundant again.

    • Another issue in the debate, is the number of autos on the road. If you had the cars of the 60s and 70s instead of the ones we have today, then polution would be an issue. The number of cars has increased dramatically since the emissions controls were added.

    • did say to you is... "eat shit and die"... but you're welcome to post a quote that refreshes my memory. In any event, my clear desire would be that you take the next bullet in the "War on Terror"... no one deserves it more!!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

      Ya see liar, there ya go again saying I should take the next bullet.

      If I was to take the bullet, your bushgroup would say I had ties to bin Laden and that 56 of me were killed.

      Since you're such a dim-wit, I'll explain. That'd be since most the news we hear from the bushgroup is exagerated propaganda or straight lies. The bushgroup have NO REASON to tell the truth and EVERY reason to lie.

    • Subj: Re: Another Ann Coulter article/pauper
      By: corpusamericanus
      Date: 12/01/03 08:08 am

      Nobody... certainly not me... said you should be killed, asswipe... although it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. All that I said was that you should be put on an iceberg... and I'd buy the boat to get you there! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

      LIAR! You've suggested killing me a few times, at least. I'm sure others recall it.

      How about the time you said shoot me in the head? And I said I shoot back and you said I couldn't shoot back if you shot me first???? Ring a bell, fatso?

      BTW, I have a boat, don't need yours.

    • JMO, but it seems that the tech companies like ORCL, MSFT started a trend in lowering their own costs (cheap foreign labor, cheap foreign parts) that is NOW coming back to bite them in the ass with the consumer demanding lower cost computing.

      LNUX is gaining ground by eating up MSFT's market share (can't get much lower cost than "free"), and lower cost and free open source alternatives are hurting ORCL. The customers that aren't leaving ORCL are demanding (and often receiving) lower and lower prices. This eats away at profit margin.

      By commoditizing high-tech computing, these companies have hurt themselves and their prospects for growth.

      In ORCL's case, they envisioned growth coming from providing higher cost ERP consulting services, that's why the PSFT deal was critical.

      I trade ORCL (which has been in a trading range for quite some time) but wouldn't own long term here. Not unless I see some new trend in computing other than deflationary cost of computing.

    • its not going to 11.75 today well it did nothing last week just it will move up just a feeling ,its showing $12.25 pre market.

    • Yes might just be right with the $12.15 open....last at $12.14....why you think it jumps up unexecptedly like this dude? I figure and open around $11.97 to $11.99 and then fall back to $11.75...then it be a good


    • Well you roll the dice here aint done nothing but go down and move sideways eventually it will move again but nobody seems to no when or which direction....if it gonna move up I think may be this week or next week cause earnings do out on Dec. 12.....we hope and pray they be good this time around but who knows for sure dude??? Not to many happy longs in here lately!!!


    • at this $12 range it shows good value if results are good on 12/12/03 it will rocket or if the psft bid is dropped it will rocket , the most i see it going down is $1 the most i see it going up is $6 i have almost $1 million on this stock and i do trade in and out of it but i would be surprise if it does not open today at least 12.15.

    • Subj: How About This Stock, Any Opinion?
      By: johnanosike
      Date: 12/01/03 06:32 am

      Any one? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

      Tis stock hasn't taken part in the run-up. No reason to think that may change anytime soon. I hate to be judgemental but whoever has been into this stock heavily has made a HUGE mistake and continues to. Great advice: Leave this stock alone for now.

      Yes, I own it, a little. Probably it represents the smallest % of my stuff and getting smaller all the time.

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