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  • nubuzzman nubuzzman Oct 20, 2004 3:31 PM Flag

    The vicious circle:

    The short story of the Occupation in Iraq:
    Lack of security leads to lack of reconstruction which leads to lack of jobs which leads to further lack of security.
    You got it Kiddo. Bush is trying to fix it. Libs want to cut and run and leave 25 million people to domination by extremists.
    I dont think "libs" want to cut and run........I think they want to do "damage control"
    Although Kerry's done nothing but criticize Bush's plan for Iraq as being "wrong", Kerry hasn't presented any plan of his own that's any different than what Bush has been doing.

    That tells me that secretly, Kerry believes Bush is doing the right thing, although for political reasons he won't admit to it.
    You"re probably correct, however, I believe he wants to get us out of there as soon as its safe to go.........Bush after the impossible dream, a democratic ain't gonna happen (regretably)

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