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  • nasserbradley nasserbradley Jul 30, 2005 12:11 AM Flag






    This topic is deleted.
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    • Subj: Re: Lightning Strike Kills Boy Scout, Le
      By: rebeldoe
      Date: 07/31/05 06:37 am

      I don't believe you for one minute. If you were that brave or stupid you would constantly be getting your ass whipped. Your bravery seems to come from behind your anonymnity. I just can't imagine you being as brave as

      Yes. I suppose it does take some bravery to speak out AGAINST lynch mobs.

      You support unnecssary war. I do not. I am light years ahead of you in every way.

      AND, you're a liar. You've been here a long time as another poster with another ID.

      You seem like OVERT douchebag. And if not, you seem LIKE an OVERT douchebag.

    • It's pretty obvious that traders_magic (aka LIR) has made one of his typical blunders.
      Traders Magic isn't LIR, nor is he StormRider.

      You are full of bullshit!

      You've been paranoidally accusing EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS BOARD of being someone they're not simply to cause confusion because you've recently outed so many of your own aliases through stupid sloppy mistakes.

      You were accusing Bagodouchee (BN4) of being JohnLuk more than 2 years ago. You were accusing Alphainvestor of being Mesadreams more than a year ago.

      They're not and nor am I Traders Magic.

      You're wrong on all of your guesses.

      The list on who you thought LIR was was 100% inaccurate except for those aliases that he announced after changes.

      You're a bullshitting blowhole lying ASSWIPE!!!!!

      Since you had questions about something Traders Magic posted, too bad that he's got your aliases on ignore or he could have pointed you to the news link. LOL

    • <<<Life can be enjoyable no matter who is in office>>>
      great point rebeldoe. you struck a nerve. Libs are naturally pessimistic. They are always angry at something, perhaps a perceived injustice, an inequality, yahda yahda. I get plenty of fullfilment just keeping my own family in line, making sure they grow up to be decent Americans. I don't have the time or energy to be always pissed at something that's out of my control or to be my neighbor's keeper. I got my hands full just being my family's keeper. If everybody did that we'd be better off.

    • I don't believe you for one minute. If you were that brave or stupid you would constantly be getting your ass whipped. Your bravery seems to come from behind your anonymnity. I just can't imagine you being as brave as you pretend to be. Your seeming angerwill only result in an ulcer or worse. You always accuse and lambast. What do you do to help your fellow man besides run your nasty mouth. Is it possible for you to complete a thought without using profanity? I support the Republican party because the alternative turns my stomach. I hope that you can feel my pain. Democrats are good at that. Tell us all about how you support bill and hillary and teddy and barney and byrd who by the way was a member of the KKK. You are to say the least pathetic in your rants and raves. Wait what's that noise? It's the fish calling me,I have to go. I know in my heart that you wish me luck,however,just to be on the safe side,I think I'll wear my life jacket. As much as you seem to care about people I know that you would feel badly if I were to get hurt. Try to accept things and relax, Life can be enjoyable no matter who is in office. I learned that from living with lyin' bill for eight years.

    • Subj: Re: Lightning Strike Kills Boy Scout, Le
      By: rebeldoe
      Date: 07/30/05 04:56 pm

      Oh yea,by the way,it seems as though Kerry made worse grades in school than Bush did but the media never seemed to want to discuss that. Maybe,just maybe,the media was biased against Bush,but then again what do I know. Bag ,do you think that you can complete a thought without using profanity?

      I do not believe you when you say you're not someone that has posted here with another ID.

      If cheney, bush and those others can swear, call one another, TURD BLOSSOM and such, I can call YOU a DOUCHEBAG and say, FUCK YOU!

      IN FACT, even if THEY don't! But,.....they DO!


    • I wonder if people who curse others and namecall would be so brave face to face. I have my doubts.

      Oh, ANY asshole that has the nerve to tell me, FACE TO FACE that they support unnecessary war "PASSIVELY" or that rovegroup should FLATTEN parts of Iraq or ANY of the same CRAP you all post here, gets the full MONTY from me and calm yourself down jadflow. That doesn't mean I stick my exposed dick in their faces. It means I tell them they're wrong and that they're SCUM of the earth! they don't like that? I don't give a shit. NOTHING is worse than accepting unnecssary killing. If so, WHAT?

    • OK good glad we got that settled. Have a good evening. That's enough for me . The fish are biting and they seem to like to eat early in the morning. I plan to be there to serve them breakfast.

    • I didn't read the article. I read the headline news that is under the summary box for Oracle. Did you look at it?

    • I don't know to do that. Go to the Oracle summary and look at the headline news articles underneath. Look at the one that says that Oracle eyes I-Flex. It is attributed to The That's what I meant when I said it was right under your nose. The 72% thing is in that article.

    • Wonder howcome the difference? And based on that if ORCL was up 80%,SAP should be worried.

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