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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Nov 18, 2011 12:24 PM Flag

    Why are Republicans such perverts?

    satan is alive and well and chewing up Souls as we speak. It sounds like an msnbc or cnn broadcast, so it would be nice if you were fair and balanced and listed all the dems out there that have been chewed on, starting with barney frankfurter....

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    • no doubt there democrat perverts as well, but the party that pretends sex is for pro-creation and every sperm is sacred causes alot of it's own problems with a no tollerance aproach to sex. They shun birth control and any education explaining the birds and the bees unless of course a drug company like Merk comes along and suggests girls at the age of 12 be immunized for STD's.

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      • To a great degree, we control our own destiny. Good or bad, up or down. Did GOD give us our sex organs for pro-creation or just to be used for fun and play?? Society is telling us it's all fun and games and anything goes. They're telling us that the Sacrament of Marriage doesn't matter.The Roman days all over again. Anyone listening to them will pay the price.

        Adult stem cells are the ones that are producing results.

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