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  • delucks345 delucks345 Sep 27, 2012 9:04 AM Flag

    Hey gop whiners and cowards on the ME

    Built it yourself, On your OWN, just form a brigade of "democracy spreaders" voluteers and get your whiny lazy cowardly rear ends over their and fight for your favorite dictator, monarch or maybe join up with the IDF, in which case maybe YOU can murder Americans citizens like Rachel Corrie or the 3 dozen crew of the USS liberty murdered with napalm and machine gun fire in a deliberate attack.

    "three Israeli French-made Mirage III fighters attacked with 72 rockets, napalm and machine guns. They wounded McGonagle and killed the chief NSA officer Allen Bloom. The attack was filmed in its entirety through the Andrew Jackson’s periscope.

    Documents released in 1977 under the Freedom of Information Act show clearly that Israel knew the Liberty’s identity and that General Moshe Dyan ordered the sinking over the protest of close advisors. "

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    • go there your selves you tush limbaugh #$%$ heros... and redistribute your own money to the mid east . what a bunch of nazi cksukers you are. just charge, you stupid #$%$wipes, and spread democracy in the mid east, build it on you own, hypocrites.

    • Two Israeli pilots refused to attack. They were punished heavily. This also proves they knew it was an American ship. The piece of human excrement known as LBJ ordered planes that had been scrambled for the defense of the Liberty back to the carrier. He said he "Didn't want to embarrass "Israel". Just goes to show who really runs things in this country.

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      • "When news of the attack reached Washington, the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered a counterstrike by U.S. A-4 Skyhawks on the Israeli MTB (Motorboat/Torpedo Base) at Haifa but the order was countermanded by President Johnson. ..........

        ..................Former U.S. intelligence officials said later that the White House had not pressed Israel harder because Israel was party to several U.S. covert operations meant to oust Nasser of Egypt which Israel would release to the world, poisoning the American position in the Arab world. Apparently the threat worked"

    • hikemanymiles, since you are one of the biggest lunatics who thinks the USA can control the lives of hundreds of millions of muslims in several countries, why don't you and your ilk just own it and "build it" all on your own, you can volunteer and go there to support your favorite dictator, monarch, or perhaps join the IDF, in which case at least you will get Israel's universal healthcare with free abortions.

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