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  • nutritionsolution nutritionsolution Oct 5, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    Jack Welch Tweets That Today's UE Rate of 7.8% Is Pure Bullshyt!

    The numbers show the lie. Employment increase by 873,000 yet only 114,000 new jobs. I guess they manipulated the household survey somehow.

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    • Looks like they called part-time Obama campaign workers to pump up the numbers. 60,000 households (1/10th of 1% of the households in America) are polled and then they multiply the responses by a thousand and make a seasonal adjustment. If 600 moms out of 60,000 non-random households across the country took a part-time job out of desperation at their kids school or by working the election, then that would explain the number. It's a statistical anomaly not supported by the actual payroll count or the progressively slowing GDP numbers.

      Obama taking a victory lap on an increase in part time jobs shows just how desperate the Obama campaign is for ANY halfway decent news on the economy. In fact, the financial repression policies of this administration have not ignited growth in the economy. The economy has been slowing down each year since the bounce back in 2009.

      The poor ignorant masses of America are being told by their gubment and the North Korean media that all is well, be happy, spend all your money. They are holding back all the bad news until after the election. Obama's socialist friends in Europe are doing the same.

      Spain's finance minister said last night they don't need a bailout and everybody laughed. Spain is 6 times worse off than Greece because they have covered up their bank losses. They have not marked their assets to market like the rest of the world.

      Greece runs out of money in November. Merkel is just stringing it out to prevent a blowup before the election (at Obama's request) so her socialist buddy can get re-elected. Obama must have made a deal with Merkel that he'll bail out Germany when the Euro collapses. Obama can ram anything through Congress during a crisis with Nancy and Harry twisting arms.

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      • I think the conspiracy is in the BLS it's self, especially those who did the household survey.

        The reason to lie is that the government workers including the BLS tend to support Democrats. Unemployment rate has been over 8 percent for 43 months, the longest since the Great Depression.

        Now we need to have an investigation in how they did this survey. Then the report should be corrected as soon as possible.

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