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  • corpusamericana corpusamericana Nov 9, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    Save Us The "Personal Tragedy" Bullshyt About Petraeus!

    Personal tragedy, mt azzs! Cancer is a personal tragedy! Losing a child is a personal tragedy! Falling off a cliff is a personal tragedy... not some stupid unconscionable affair!

    Maybe for his wife and kids, but dammm well not for him... not one bit!

    He made the CHOICE to have an affair with another women, maybe someone else's wife, while in charge of one of the MOST critical organizations in America at an extremely critical time in history!

    And this is the head of the CIA!!! The last thing anyone does in the CIA is have an affair!! If you do, you are GONE!!

    I am amazed the Russians, Iranians or Chinese did not blackmail him! Shyt...maybe she was working for one of them!!

    Too bad it didn't leak weeks ago! Probably did! But the NY Times, NBC, CNN and Wash Post said jackshyt!

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    • The CIA has been smuggling dope at least as far back as 'Nam. They use the money for Black Ops programs that have no accountability to Congress. Tell me that the head doesn't know what's going on and I'll call you a liar. This government is corrupt and it goes back a long time. It has nothing to do with which party is in power as both are controlled by the same corrupt financial interests.

    • If anyone has blackmailed Petraeus it's Obama's corrupt Chicago gang... "either lie for us at the Congressional hearings or we go public with your affair, which BTW, we've known about for months... and you're toast!"

    • It is F'ing unbelievable that Petraeus would do this... especially as CIA Chief!

      It just goes to show how far even the best people can fall once they shack-up with the shameless unconscionable human trash in the Obama Regime!

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