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  • dropkickpubs4321 dropkickpubs4321 Nov 27, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    .UN climate scientist: Sandy no coincidence..


    I guess a difference of opinion repubs.Why ya soooooooo emotional repubs???

    I know, I know....because repub radio and tv told you what to think!

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    • UN Climate Scientist discovers that a hurricane occurring during hurricane season is no coincidence..

      What will these UN Climate Scientists discover next?

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    • I'm verklempt!!!! What will these UN Climate Scientists learn next?

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    • Discussing anything with you is like talking with a drunk or other non-intellect. Virtually a waste of time.

      The comments by Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, the vice chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were void of fact.

      According to CBS Report:

      ***Ypersele's remarks come as global warming has re-emerged as an issue in Washington following the devastating superstorm — a rarity for the U.S. Northeast — and an election that led to Democratic gains.***

      Sandy was not a "devastating superstorm." As we discussed earlier, it was barely a CAT-1 hurricane at landfall, and many areas only incurred tropical storm force winds.

      TS/CAT-1 storms are not a "rarity" in the Northeast but rather an infrequent regularly recurring phenomena.

      According to CBS report:

      "After years of disagreement, climate scientists and hurricane experts have concluded that as the climate warms, there will be fewer total hurricanes. But those storms that do develop will be stronger and wetter."

      This year was somewhat above average for total number of storms, 19. It is tied with four other years for third place since the 1880's. This means the first sentence of this claim is false: we had more storms than normal, not fewer.

      Further Hurricane Sandy was not a "stronger" storm: it was barely a hurricane. I know of no standard that rates hurricanes for "wetness." So the second sentence of this claim is incorrect and silly.

      The preliminary ACE Index (measuring the cumulative storm intensity for the whole season) puts 2012 somewhat above average, about 20th in 62 measured years. The bottom of the top third.

      So, in every way, Mr.Ypersele's remarks are uninformed and stupid.

      According to CBS report:

      *** It is not correct to say Sandy was caused by global warming, but "the damage caused by Sandy was worse because of sea level rise," said Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer. He said the sea level in New York City is a foot higher than a century ago because of man-made climate change.***

      I've read the scientific studies on sea level rise and most suggest the sea hasn't risen very much. Maybe a few centimeters. In fact, in some areas, land subsidence is more significant than sea level rise. Over most of the Atlantic & Gulf Coasts, the claim of "sea level rise" is scientific wishful thinking.

      So all of the "facts" in the CBS report are wrong, questionable, uninformed or stupid.


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      • Papers I've seen on sea level rise claim about 3.3 mm per year. That's 330 mm in 100 years, about 33 cm around 13 inches. In 100 years.

        Do you think modern technology can keep up and build houses maybe one cement block higher? In 100 years?

        Actually, a lot smarter would be to build not less that 1000 meters from the shore line. Yup. about 1 km. And make sure there are some grass covered sand dunes between you and the ocean. Yup.

        FEMA use to be about mitigation: don't rebuild in places that get destroyed everytime there is a rain storm. But no, modern Americans want to be able to dangle their big toe in the ocean as they eat their Cheerios each morning.

        And then they wonder why a storm surge blows their house away.

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      • Speaking of land subsidence I remember as a child in Long Beach, California talk of a twenty foot drop in elevation in certain shoreline areas. It was due to the pumping of oil. Sea levels have gone up and down for millenia. In La Jolla, California you can see two very distinct cliff lines that are well above the present sea level. Climat has always "changed" and man has little or nothing to do with it.

    • I knew about "Climate Change" long before the current clamor started. Yes, Virginia, climate does change all the time and as far back as they can trace it. It has been hotter, colder, dryer and wetter in the past than at present. There has been NO measurable increase in world temperatures since 1998. 14 years. The mid-west during the 30's was much hotter and dryer than any time since. One person that told me about this was a PHD at Scripps Inst. of Oceanography in the 80's. He showed me mud cores taken from the ocean floor that showed climate variations going back 250,000 years. I've also read about what is called the "Eddy Maunder" which directly relates climate change to the Sun's activity going back 4,500 years. You believe the paid liars that are on the NWO banksters payroll and hope to reduce us all to their slaves. You can go where it's really hot with them.

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