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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Dec 13, 2012 1:57 PM Flag

    Bill Clinton Would Have Had a Deal By Now

    Bill Clinton was a GREAT negotiator and he got bi-partison solutions implemented.

    Barack Obama is a HORRIBLE negotiator... nothing got done, except the "fiscal cliff" in 2011... and nothing is getting done NOW.

    Bill Clinton was a GREAT president... Obama is a HORRIBLE president... and that's just the way it is, Virginia!


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    • Plan B stops tax increases on everyone EXCEPT millionaires... it allows tax cuts on millionaires to expire... just what "pre-election" Obama wanted.

      Plan B prevents non-defense cuts in the fiscal cliff, but allows defence cuts... just what "pre-election" Obama wanted.

      "Post-election" Obama rejects all that... Post-election Obama ONLY want's to totallyt BURY the GOP...

      ... so today, he comes to the microphone and says he want's "balance"... when everything we've heard about what he wants is completely UN-balanced.

      This is 2011 all over again... no leadership... no ability to forge a compromise... just a "community organizer" who's position is way out in far-left field.

      I guess I can wish that Bill Clinton was president until the cows come home... but now we've got OBAMA for another 4, long years and America is shutting down and preparing for bankruptcy.

      What a NIGHTMARE!


    • Bill Clinton was a GREAT president... Obama is a HORRIBLE president...

      You're half right Zippy,but they're both great.Both had,have to fix Republican caused messes ironicly caused by the Bushes.

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      • You can argue all you want about how 70 years of creating entitlements and the world's most generous "safety net" got us INTO this mess but that's all in the past...

        ... we are where we are today and we can't change the past.

        So, given where we are now, nothing is HAPPENING... there is no leadership, either right now or in 2011 when things first broke down and the "fiscal cliff" was created to kick the can down the road.

        It's good that the GOP came out of the election offering Obama what Obama wanted in 2011... $800 billion in new taxes on the wealthy... and that's on the table right now...

        ... but Obama Refuses to offer any spending cuts... in fact, he demanded $400 billion in NEW spending for crying out loud.

        If obama would simply move from the "far left" to the "left"... then he could probably get something done... but he simply has no leadership skills... he can't work with anybody with his "my way or the highway" attitude. It's snobbish, and it's elitist, and it's NOTHING like folksy Bill Clinton and his ability to work with all who are involved.

        Bill Clinton accomplished great things... Obama has accomplished NOTHING except for ramming a huge new entitlement down america's throat without a single republican vote.

        Obama's record speaks for itself... no deal this year or last, huge deficits, and a Senate that hasn't passed a budget it several years......

        .... the Obama America is stalled and broken.


    • Sire he would! Because he didn't have to deal with AAA Hooole left-wing Democrats!

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