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  • pt_bama_nation pt_bama_nation Dec 13, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    See-ya Rice!! You Got What You Deserved For Lying...

    and pimping for your boy Obama!

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    • Here's the kicker, she's going to be appointed as National Security Advisor. Security, as in protecting national interests. And here she lied about a security matter. The Dems sure know how to look like idiots. Maybe Obama will appoint Charlie Rangel as Treasury boss.

    • i could care less, but what hypocracy when the same Senators who were the ones' who stood behind Condelesa Rice who lied on behalf of the Bush administration about centrifuges.

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      • She'll be a czar of something so she can continue to slurp the Kool aid.

      • Truth my aszzs! You seek nothing but! Even Kay had serious suspicions... to say nothing about most Democrat Senators who fully agreed with the GOP... Kerry and Clinton among them!

        "Obeidi told CNN the parts of a gas centrifuge system for enriching uranium were part of a highly sophisticated system he was ordered to hide to be ready to rebuild the bomb program.

        "I have very important things at my disposal that I have been ordered to have, to keep, and I've kept them, and I don't want this to proliferate, because of its potential consequences if it falls in the hands of tyrants, in the hands of dictators or of terrorists," said Obeidi, who has been taken out of Iraq with the help of the U.S. government.

        Obeidi also said he was not the only scientist ordered to hide that type of equipment.

        "I think there may be more than three other copies. And I think it is quite important to look at this list so they will not fall into the hands of the wrong people," he said.

        Centrifuges are drums or cylinders that spin at high speed and separate heavy and light molecules, allowing increasingly enriched uranium to be drawn off.

        David Kay, who led three U.N. arms inspection missions in Iraq in 1991-92 and now heads the CIA's search for unconventional weapons, started work two days ago in Baghdad. CNN spoke to him about the case over a secure teleconferencing line.

        "It begins to tell us how huge our job is," Kay said. "Remember, his material was buried in a barrel behind his house in a rose garden.

        "There's no way that that would have been discovered by normal international inspections. I couldn't have done it. My successors couldn't have done it."

        Kay said he had mixed emotions when he saw the centrifuge components: "It was a realization that I hadn't gotten all the parts [of Iraq's nuclear program]. So there was a moment of regret, but there wasalso an exhilaration that now maybe we have a chance to take this to the very bottom."

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