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  • corpusamericana corpusamericana Jan 9, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    Control Predator Drones Not Guns!!

    Obama has far less moral authority using Killer Drones in mass murders, hoping to get at least one terrorist, than any law abiding American citizen has using a gun in self-defense!

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    • There's a high probability that Obama has butchered more kids with his obsessive use of killer drones over the least 4 years than all the serial murderers in the last 10 years... and he did so with barely a hope, a possibility, a chance of getting, maybe, one GD terrorist!

      But still, this shameless Bas.tuurd (and his mindless minions) has the gall to point fingers at law abiding gun owners and their Right to buy and own arms... to defend themselves from criminals and home-grown terrorists, sometimes in packs, the large majority of which are Obama backers!!

      And the packs of these pieces of human trash will only get larger and more violent as their incompetent radical slug Obama drives the Country straight into bankruptcy and Hell!!

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