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  • coughingredink coughingredink Mar 28, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

    I don't know what a bd, bgroup, or a pauper in the context of dropkick's rants, but I.... a fiscal conservative that fully supports drone warfare. Dropkicks childish ranting, unimaginative name calling, arm-waving, beating his wife, or whatever else he does aside, drones work well.

    Rumsfeld initiated it as a tactic for his "21st century war vision", Bush pushed it despite the cries of alarm and crimes against mankind from the progressive left, and now Obama has continued and expanded it.

    Oddly, the cries from the progressive left are much softer now!

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    • I am conservative and disagree strongly...

      Drone warfare under Bush was waged by the US Air Force...

      Today the drones are controlled by the Obama's CIA.....

      The Air Force took great pains to avoid collateral damage and operated within Afghanistan...

      The CIA targets at will with no regard for collateral damage and make the majority of their strikes in Pakistan

      Liberals should be outraged that Obama kills at will beyond the border of Afghanistan... their panties were all wadded up over Bush's policies within Afghan borders yet don't object 1 iota over Obama's wanton illegal killing.... They point out how US policies make enemies for the US.... and then don't include Obama's policies which make dozens of terrorists daily...

      Obama's drone strikes have murdered over 100Xs more people than Bush's with 99% of the deaths being innocent collateral damage... masterly children

      Libs need to stop being the biggest hypocrites on the planet and take accountability for Obama's murderous actions

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