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  • annieshenanigan annieshenanigan Mar 29, 2013 7:43 PM Flag

    What More Do They Want?

    Atheists want the cross removed from the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Cemetaries have always been considered sacred ground. There are thousands of men buried in Arlington and around the countlry in vet cemetaries, each one has a cross as a marker. Are they going to demand those be removed too? This amounts to hate and disrespect for those who died in service of their country for which it stands, under GOD.

    They better not preach to me about the separation of church and state. Many people believe in GOD but don't necessarily belong to any religion. If a burial cross is a statement of that, so be it. Who the hell do these people think they are to impose their heathenistic objections on the rest of us? I don't often express my disdain in vulgarity, but screw them.

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    • you god fearing types have got religion on the dollar bill, you added 'and god' to the pledge of allegance and you've got the masses singling 'God Bless America (only)' at the ball game.. So I ask you.....What more do YOU want?
      Personally I could care less about your silly superstitions - but don't act like you're immune from pushing your agenda down the throat of America.

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      • God is part of the American way of life, deal with it.

        Yes, us god fearing, gun clinging types have no problem with recognizing GOD for the blessings this country has reaped since it's inception.

        Agenda down your throats? No one is forcing you to accept GOD. Oh, but we're supposed to accept and tolerate gay marriage and abortion being shoved down our throats? Give me a break, your whole ideology is based on an agenda to further the GODless, meaningless existence of liberal criteria.

    • Bet you don't know why they took crosses out of military cemetaries. I know but most people don't believe it. Brainwashed sheeple.

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