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  • delucks345 delucks345 Apr 22, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    30,000 gun deaths in USA per year, gop does nothing. A million since Reagan aided Saddam

    30,000 deaths in USA per year, gop does nothing.

    : "One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all have to take off our shoes at the airport. Thirty one school shootings since Columbine and no change in the regulation of guns."

    americans have killed about a million Americans with guns in the 30 plus years since Reagan helped saddam in the 80s...............and the gop was 100% for charging off to invade Iraq......but 100% against doing anything about a million Americans killed in gun no money in that...huh? just the opposite, the money is in gun sales. Less

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    • Only two patients wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings remained in critical condition Monday, but the count of injured people who were treated in area hospitals has risen sharply to 282, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. That is far higher than the initial estimate of 170.

      The number rose because dozens of victims delayed seeking medical care for minor wounds or symptoms that they thought would go away on their own, said Nick Martin, a spokesman for the health commission. He said the latest data, compiled Saturday by state health officials, show patients were seen at 27 hospitals in Greater Boston.

      Senator Feinstein: 'Not an enemy combatant, he's a misguided youth'

    • Gun, Ammo Sales Surge After Boston Marathon Bombing
      by AWR Hawkins 23 Apr 2013, 1:41 AM PDT 325 post a comment View Discussion
      The surge in gun and ammo purchases that began after Sandy Hook and continued through the Senate's failed gun control vote appears to have picked up steam again following the Boston Marathon bombing.

      For example, at the Syracuse Gun Show on the New York State Fairgrounds last weekend, so many people showed up that some had to wait in line more than two hours just to get into the gun show. Those that waited did so on a windy day, amid sleet and snow flurries.

      Moreover, for this specific gun show, few people came to sell guns; most came to buy them and find the ammo they needed for their guns at home.

      Jeff Dillard, who runs the National Armory in Pompano Beach, FL, said the combination of the "terrorist attacks" and possible gun control legislation put people into a "panic situation" again.

      He said acquiring ammunition and ammunition components is getting more and more difficult: "Our [ammunition] vendors are telling us not only are they out of stock but some are two to three million [bullets] in back order. They won't even take our orders because they don't know when they'll be able to fill them."

    • Stalin murdered at a mimumum 20 million Russians. Most of which had been disarmed prior to that. Think "our?" pols are any different? That is exactly what the framers of the Constitution knew and understood when they put the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution. You see, they read history unlike stupid "liberals". Much of the anti gun rhetoric, however originates with those that want a Stalinist style dictatorship.

    • Lawmakers warn cost of federal free phone program spinning out of control

      By Jim Angle

      Published April 22, 2013

      What started out as an effort by President Reagan to help poor people in rural areas have a phone in cases of emergency has mushroomed into what critics suspect is a new welfare program.

      "The cost has gone from $143 million a few years ago to $2.2 billion today," Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter said, noting that today's cost is 15 times what it was.

      buying the vote

    • 99.9% from illegal guns such as those the obama Administration gave tot the drug cartels.

    • Shoe bomber was a patsy. Other airline passengers waiting to be cleared have stated that this creep was escorted past check in by a man in a suit. Anyone familiar with PETN explosive KNOWS it can't be set of by "lighting a wire".. The underwear bomber was the same BS. You can't detonate PETN with a match. Gi's in Korea used use C3 (similar to PETN) just like sterno to heat rations. You are being led by the "NOSE".

    • Alaska Gun Violence
      On key measures, Alaska has been hit harder by gun violence than any other state
      in the country.
      • As of 2010, Alaska had the worst gun death rate in the nation—20.3 deaths per
      100,000 people, almost twice the national norm of 10.3 deaths per 100,000

      "The five states with the highest per capita gun death rates were Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Wyoming. Each of these states had a per capita gun death rate far exceeding the national per capita gun death rate of 10.38 per 100,000 for 2008. Each state has lax gun laws and higher gun ownership rates. By contrast, states with strong gun laws and low rates of gun ownership had far lower rates of firearm-related death. Ranking last in the nation for gun death was Hawaii, followed by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York and New Jersey (tie)."

      the FACT is, in the USA where we have government and laws, the states with more guns and weak laws have more gun deaths contrary to the liars like you and the NRA.

    • Murders per 100,000 citizens
      Honduras 91.6

      El Salvador 69.2

      Cote d'lvoire 56.9

      Jamaica 52.2

      Venezuela 45.1

      Belize 41.4

      US Virgin Islands 39.2

      Guatemala 38.5

      Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2

      Zambia 38.0

      Uganda 36.3

      Malawi 36.0

      Lesotho 35.2

      Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

      Colombia 33.4

      South Africa 31.8

      Congo 30.8

      Central African Republic 29.3

      Bahamas 27.4

      Puerto Rico 26.2

      Saint Lucia 25.2

      Dominican Republic 25.0

      Tanzania 24.5

      Sudan 24.2

      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9

      Ethiopia 22.5

      Guinea 22.5

      Dominica 22.1

      Burundi 21.7

      Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7

      Panama 21.6

      Brazil 21.0

      Equatorial Guinea 20.7

      Guinea-Bissau 20.2

      Kenya 20.1

      Kyrgyzstan 20.1

      Cameroon 19.7

      Montserrat 19.7

      Greenland 19.2

      Angola 19.0

      Guyana 18.6

      Burkina Faso 18.0

      Eritrea 17.8

      Namibia 17.2

      Rwanda 17.1

      Mexico 16.9

      Chad 15.8

      Ghana 15.7

      Ecuador 15.2

      North Korea 15.2

      Benin 15.1

      Sierra Leone 14.9

      Mauritania 14.7

      Botswana 14.5

      Zimbabwe 14.3

      Gabon 13.8

      Nicaragua 13.6

      French Guiana 13.3

      Papua New Guinea 13.0

      Swaziland 12.9

      Bermuda 12.3

      Comoros 12.2

      Nigeria 12.2

      Cape Verde 11.6

      Grenada 11.5

      Paraguay 11.5

      Barbados 11.3

      Togo 10.9

      Gambia 10.8

      Peru 10.8

      Myanmar 10.2

      Russia 10.2

      Liberia 10.1

      Costa Rica 10.0

      Nauru 9.8

      Bolivia 8.9

      Mozambique 8.8

      Kazakhstan 8.8

      Senegal 8.7

      Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7

      Mongolia 8.7

      British Virgin Islands 8.6

      Cayman Islands 8.4

      Seychelles 8.3

      Madagascar 8.1

      Indonesia 8.1

      Mali 8.0

      Pakistan 7.8

      Moldova 7.5

      Kiribati 7.3

      Guadeloupe 7.0

      Haiti 6.9

      Timor-Leste 6.9

      Anguilla 6.8

      Antigua and Barbuda 6.8

      Lithuania 6.6

      Uruguay 5.9

      Philippines 5.4

      Ukraine 5.2

      Estonia 5.2

      Cuba 5.0

      Belarus 4.9

      Thailand 4.8

      Suriname 4.6

      Laos 4.6

      Georgia 4.3

      Martinique 4.2
      The United States 4.2
      ALL the countries above America
      have 100% gun ban

    • And it's ridiculous that we have to do that, isn't it? Chalk it up to the idiocy of political correctness. If you want to solve the problem, focus on the problem.

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