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  • dropkickpubs4321 dropkickpubs4321 May 10, 2013 5:39 AM Flag

    Behghazi Was Never A "Spontaneous Protest"! NEVER! It Was The BIG LIE!. Compared to bgroup lie that Iraq


    was a threat...........this is NUTHIN,..nuthin., what repubs have..nuthin!

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    • Save me the BGroup in Iraq Pigshyt! Most Democrats, Clinton among them, were fully on board with Iraq Chemical Weapons, and the "Red Line" that had been crossed by the Baathist Butchers on many occasions!

      Obama owned THE BIG LIE on Benghazi from the get-go... from Day One... The Big Lie needed to keep the Obama Regime re-election Vomit spewing 24/7... that "Bin Laden was Dead and al-Qaeda was Dying"!

      "Hail To The Chief!"!!

      Obama and his Regime could not admit that al-Qaeda was attacking and killing Americans, an Ambassador among them, on so-called "friendly Arab Springing soil" ... that indeed, al-Qaeda was alive and well and butchering our people on the Anniversary of "911", right under our noses, while Obama and Clinton sat back and did absolutely nothing save to Deny additional Security and Support... and to whip-up Their BIG LIE!!

      This entire episode was a Massive F-Up by Obama and Clinton which then became a Massive Cover-Up by the Regime and their W.h.o.r.e.s in the Press and Media... all of whom should be boiled in oil!

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