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  • delucks345 delucks345 May 30, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    male prostitute/WH coordinating: over 200 WH visits by the male prostitute/conservative 'reporter'

    He seems to have stayed all night on several occasions!!!!!!

    Obviously this proves that BUSH is gay, right? I mean why else would a male prostitute visit the WH hundreds of times and often when there wasn't even a press conference? huh? huh? investigate!!!!!!! ha ha ha
    "Gannon, whose real name is Jim Guckert, has worked as a male prostitute and advertised his own escort services over the internet. More than two dozen of his visits to the White House were made when there were no scheduled press conferences or briefings. And, even more noteworthy is that fact that on 14 separate occasions Secret Service records indicate no arrival or departure time. "

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    • In the wake of the scandal over the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, the embattled agency has provided lawmakers with a video featuring about a dozen of its employees line dancing on a stage.

      The video of the IRS workers practicing their dance moves, which lasts just under three minutes, comes weeks after it was revealed that agency workers produced two other videos parodying the "Star Trek" and "Gilligan's Island" TV shows.

      All three videos were provided to Congress Friday in response to a request issued by Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, after learning that the videos were recorded at IRS offices in New Carrollton, Md., outside Washington, D.C.

    • May 30, 2013 4:00 AM
      Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’
      The administration’s political tactics are straight out of the Daley playbook.
      By John Fund

      The scandals swirling around the Obama administration have many journalists scratching their heads as to how “hope and change” seem to have been supplanted by “arrogance and fear.” Perhaps it’s time they revisit one of their original premises about Barack Obama: that he wasn’t influenced by the Chicago Daley machine. You know: the machine that boosted his career and whose protégés — including Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and his wife, Michelle — he brought to Washington with him.

      The liberal take on the president was best summed up by Slate magazine’s Jacob Weisberg, who wrote last year that Obama “somehow passed through Chicago politics without ever developing any real connection to it.”

    • Obviously this proves that BUSH is gay, right?

      If it doesn't,the fact that he now paints nude portraits of himself does.He's as #$%$ as a three dollar bill.

    • Obama's brother to sell letters from president hand-written to relatives in kenya...

    • I remember when this was first exposed. He posed as a "News Corresponent". I went to his web site at the time. He posed in military clothes. It almost had to be Bush using his "services". Just one of many reasons I detest the whole Bush family. Can't believe so many bought into them. Ah well, "Boobus Americanus" will buy anything if presented to them in the right way. Too busy watching footbal to do any real study.

    • Mesa, you are in a small minority of thought. But we already knew that, right? 3/4 of US voters want a speical prosecutor. Pretty significant I'd say.

      .Special IRS Prosecutor Favored as Obama Support Drops
      By Jonathan D. Salant - May 30, 2013 6:00 AM ET ..Three-quarters of U.S. voters want a special prosecutor to investigate the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups, according to a poll that showed a drop in President Barack Obama’s approval and trust ratings.
      In the survey released today by Hamden, Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University, registered voters favored a special prosecutor by 76 percent to 17 percent. Those backing such a move included 63 percent of Democrats.

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