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  • delucks345 delucks345 Jun 22, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    Private insurers pay out tens of billions each year in fraudlulent claims

    and what do they care? They always hike your premium to cover all costs including fraud...

    "Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that in 2006 a total of about $80 billion was lost in the United States due to insurance fraud.[4] According to estimates by the Insurance Information Institute, insurance fraud accounts for about 10 percent of the property/casualty insurance industry’s incurred losses and loss adjustment expenses.[5] The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that 3% of the health care industry’s expenditures in the United States are due to fraudulent activities, amounting to a cost of about $51 billion.[6] Other estimates attribute as much as 10% of the total healthcare spending in the United States to fraud—about $115 billion annually................."

    (please stop being such white collar criminals you fraudsters!)

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    • and the gop says these people can do a better job on healthcare if they are allowed to run free.........which, btw, is what they had been doing and why healthcare in the USA costs far more than anywere else in the world, more than in place with first rate care like Switzerland or Germany or Australia and so forth, you know place where they don't allow the private insurers to run free.....(and also btw, Obamacare IS what was once considered the moderate republican way to go ala Romney or as per Newt or Heritage..... it is nothing but private insurers ........ but regulated and forced to provide the same policies for apples to apples comparisons and forced to take all and forced to not dump for preexisting conditions and so on.......

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