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  • delucks345 delucks345 Jun 24, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Is Snowden telling the Russians, Cubans, Chinese to stop their naughty surveillance & espionage?

    oddly enough Snowden seems to be sucking up to those who run surveillance and spying operations in Red China, Russian and Cuba.... Snowden is now suckingup to Ecuador where the leader oppressing the media.....

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    • Wait a minute Messybird, these are all socialist/communist/fascist states you libiots want us to be like. Presidential edicts abound, IRS tracks all of us closely, AP bugged, James Rosen becomes a suspect because he finds out some truthful facts, Benghazi coverup by this administration occurs (Hilary would call this a mistruths), Guns galore for drug runners in Mexico. In summary, Constitution be damned.

    • Obama Immigration Bill: Illegals face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens for crimes committed...

    • At least he showed up our corrupt government, didn't he? I know how these pigs operate. They tried to frame me in the 60's. I kept good records and was very careful what I said on the phone or they might have gotten away with it. Others weren't so lucky. You know thathey were fully aware of the first WTC bombing? They had a fink on the inside who testified under oath about informing about when and where it would take place. They also provided the materials to make the bomb and NOTHING was done to stop it. One person was killed. Kinda like "Fast and Furious."

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