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  • hydroponicoctopus hydroponicoctopus Jun 28, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Darrell Issa’s credibility is over

    Tuesday, Jun 25, 2013 11:36 AM CDT
    Darrell Issa’s credibility is over

    After string of exaggerations and distortions, the latest blows to his fake IRS scandal should make him irrelevant

    Liberals have naturally never much cared for Darrell Issa, but after he seized on a Treasury Department inspector general report that appeared to show the agency had improperly singled out Tea Party tax-exempt groups for extra scrutiny, even we thought he might be on to something. Jon Stewart practically disowned the president. After a long string of failures, it looked like Issa had finally found something real, even if he was a bit overeager in hyping it.

    How wrong we were. Now it’s clear Issa played us this whole time, thanks to new documents that show the IRS also targeted “progressive” and “Occupy” groups, in addition to Tea Party ones. And if it targeted groups on both sides, it wasn’t really singling anyone out (the only group actually denied tax-exempt status was a progressive one, after all) and the whole scandal falls apart.

    It’s not that there were no warning signs. In his zeal to implicate the White House, Issa jumped to conclusions unsupported by evidence. Then he selectively disclosed parts of transcripts that supported his narrative, and threw a fit when Democrats wanted to release the rest, which revealed that the IRS official in charge of the program was a conservative Republican. The whole scandal seemed to be falling apart, and now we know for sure.

    Did Issa know the IRS targeted progressive groups too? Why didn’t the inspector general’s report mention this critical bit of data? Russell George, Treasury’s IG, told lawmakers that the “inspector general launches audits on topics requested by lawmakers. The targeting audit requested by House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa specifically requested a review of IRS actions related to conservative groups,” Politico reported yesterday.

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    • Tell us how many groups of each sort were "singled out." I can't remember the exact numbers but it seems there were six or eight "Lefty" groups and several hundred "Righty" groups. Many of the "righty" groups still do not have the tax emption they are entitled to. Do nthey pay you for this propaganda? Or are you a congenital liar? Maybe both?

    • After string of exaggerrreations and distortions, the latest blows to his fake IRS scandal should make him irrelevant

      He ALWAYS was irrelevant.

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