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  • hydroponicoctopus hydroponicoctopus Jun 30, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    examples of how conservative "charitable" donations are used

    conservatives brag that they are more charitable....(but they are not......much of what they consider "charity" is not really charity , the real charity of feeding the poor or aiding the sick and etc).

    1.......For instance, donations to the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization, are tax-deductible. Yet the organization gave almost $2 million to fund anti-gay campaigns by the National Organization for Marriage. If the "charitable" Catholics who gave that money had directly donated it to NOM, they would never have received a tax write-off.

    2...A study by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University found that the residents of New Hampshire -- which ranked dead last in both surveys by The Chronicle -- weren't stingy; they were simply nonbelievers.

    "New Hampshire gives next to nothing to religious organizations," says Patrick Rooney, the center's leader, "but their secular giving is identical to the rest of country."

    3. tithing ..... religious people tithe......... they support their church...... pay for salaries and benefits and pensions and buildings .......but NO DOUBT a" a local fundamentalist church may spend the bulk of its resources degrading and attacking other faiths, insulting gay people and leading crusades to strip people of their civil liberties. They may never feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or comfort the afflicted. Yet when people give that church money they call it "charity" no matter how uncharitable the uses for which the money is actually spent.

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    • Majority of charitable donations are just fronts for those in charge to make mega dollars. They have a charitable company that pays big expenses for their role. You guessed it. The money goes to the homes they own that are rented by the charitable organization, to the cars they own, to the business's they own ETC. Then it is often their family that have the high paying positions operating the organization. It is a great gig if you can get it. Ask Al. Not much different than the government. Of course it is not just conservatives. Our good friend mister cramer is a good example with his charitable trusts.

    • I've seen lists of charitable groups and the amounts spent on overhead. Salvation Army comes out best with 4% overhead. An occult organization that sponsors a children's hospital was one of the worst with 50% overhead. I learned a long time ago to stay away from organized religion. Most are run by the same types that run both political parties. I've studied scripture verey carefully and find very few groups that truly follow it. As to homosexuality it is on of seven sins called an abomination in the Bible It abounds in every great civilization just before it's fall.

    • This country is about Freedom for all. Even haters are allowed to live here and be racist and haters of others who believe in their own rights.cuffs

    • Mesa, we know libs. We know what they are about. They say they care for the poor but we know it's an abstract thought. We know that they believe taxes = charity. We know they are wrong. Libs are a selfish bunch. In general, libs do not contribute much to charity. That is a fact. Algore and Joe Biden exemplify it.

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      • I just gave the example of the food bank I donate too, they give 97% of donations to the poor....all charities have to show what their costs are...... but the church you donate to does not.... get it? and fully 1/3 of all charitable donations in the USA go to churches..... and how much of that goes to pay for the church, the salaries, the pensions of the clerics, the and so on and so forth.... there is no public accounting as there is with SECULAR charities.......... and every can name churches and clerics who are NOTHING BUT thieves enriching themselves...... huge sums of right wing "charity" go right into the pocket of the Jimmy Swaggart,s , Jim and Tammy Bakkers, and so on.

    • You give to save the trees and kill the unborn, and I will give to the Knights cause I am a Knight and know where the money goes. One hundred percent goes to charity of their choice, so if we don't believe in killing the unborn or don't believe in perversion, amen.

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      • why do you always have to lie?... I do not, like you, call donations to political causes charity.......and obviously a lot of what YOU call charity is just a right wing political donation.... for instance the millions of dollars spent by the Knights of Columbus on the DOMA that upi brag about ......... This an example of how many conservative are huge liars and gloating fools like the old SNL church lady..... you do your little self righteous dance and brag about how much more "charitable" you than everyone else, but that is a lie.........and thanks for showing how you help the poor and needy... witih millions of dollars for rightwing DOMA propaganda which only people like you would count as charity.

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