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  • manceridermunce manceridermunce Jul 18, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    please resolve to treat all people with respect, even strangers deserve the benefit of the doubt

    please keep your bigotry and irrational fear and idiot assumption in check

    people should treat each other with respect

    which means not going after strangers and assuming they are criminals.
    I would never do that. Most people are good and decent.

    Zimmerman had no right at all to follow trayvon or even to call the police with his racist and stupid assumptions. It is a shame that this jury was brain dead

    did zimm see trayvon commit a crime before he ASSumed, being a racist, that trayvon was a criminal and called the police. NO, zimm made a stupid and bigoted assumption and started the chain of events that would have never occurred had zimm been a decent human being and just minded his own business.

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    • I will do the same as Zimmerman if I see ANYONE prowling my neighborhood at night. I will also carry my pistol. If I'm attacked I will use it. I wouldn't care if they are White, Black or polka dotted. Zimmerman had every right to check out what Martin was doing. Martin would be alive today if he hadn't attecked Zimmerman.

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