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  • say92liberals say92liberals Jul 18, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    Yes, I suspect the Hispanic man called Zimmerman would have followed anyone in that age bracket

    ...who was dressed to conceal his identity, moving in the shadows, etc., regardless of race or sex.

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    • And I suspect that anyone else would have made an attempt to find out why the guard was following them in a gated community. It was found that residents in the area had previous problems with criminal activity and Zimmerman was concerned because he lived there. You can bet any neighborhood would take precautions under the same circumstances. If a would be criminal wants to take his chances, he deserves the consequences.

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      • Zimmerman and anyone else in that community, or any other community, had every right to follow whomever they wanted to follow... and an even greater right to defend themselves when attacked!

        And who gives a flying rats #$%$ what some punk operator in a 911 call center had to say... what he thought might be appropriate means jackshyt!

        Trayvon Martin made a stupid mistake that is often made by Black teenage punks... try to be the tough guy and kick some creepy white cracker's azzs!!

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