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  • manceridermunce manceridermunce Aug 11, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

    mcdonalds in australia already pays it workers nearly $15 an hr

    profitable and paying workers a better wage than in the USA. Haven't they heard of wall street? the wall stree that get tax payer bail out.......are their ceos crazy what, not to chisel a few more pennies into their pockets ...................

    "American CEO's are the highest paid in the world. As of 2011, Corporate CEO's in America make 340 times what the average worker makes. As a comparison, in 1980, CEO pay was only 42 times more than the average worker. "

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    • Very expensive to live there! Average cost for a Big Mac is $7.75.
      But if I were you, I would definitely move there. Gey a job flipping burgers. Join Obummers 78 percent who have found jobs in his years as dear leader.

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      • CEO pays more than $15 per hour. Aspire to greatness, not burger greatness but true brilliance.
        Study hard, work hard, be hard. Very few have the leadership it takes.

      • fact is McDonald's in Australia is profitable and they do good business.
        Too bad you are so stupid that you can't figure out why the "job creators" are not hiring....
        there is no demand......
        you see, that is what happens when THEY pay MILLIONs of people wages so low they can't buy much of anything, then there is no demand and no need for hiring.....get it?
        (and btw. mcd could double its wage and the cost of their products would not even have to go up.... and they still would make good profits..... but less than before............ but then the money would be going to young workers and not geezer shareholders...... see how it is YOU who are putting a burden on the children of the future?)

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