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  • hydroponicoctopus hydroponicoctopus Aug 19, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    gop wants to pay medicare vouchers that will lower the costs for the elderly ... sure... right

    yeah,sure, right, the point of the medicare vouchers was to pay out MORE government money so seniors would get more and pay less........jeez........ teapublican cool aide that is.......
    (too bad that everyone caught on that vouchers meant that seniors would be PAYING more, FAR more of the cost than now)

    and if the same was done for vets...... they too would get screwed... now they pay ZERO... for service connected........ and most say they are satisfied with the VA.......... but pubs on the kool aid say they will be better off on vouchers , buying insurance and paying deductibles and man...just imagine the cost for FOR PROFIT insurance for a pool of all elderly and all injured veterans all with preexisting conditions, you know, the reason the insurers dump people like these in the first place.....

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    • I'm 80 years olld. My premiums just increased 20% this year. My son who is 47 just had his raised 40%. You know who wrote the medi-care bill don't you? Or do you estupido? The insureance companies did.. Liver Lips is their stooge as are most of Congress. They do the bidding of those that pay for them to get into congress. There is a web site that tells the contributions to these creeps. Can't remember it's name but I'm sure if you search for "Campaign Contributions" you will find it. It shows all the contributions from individuals and PACS for every national office. In 2008 Liver Lips second largest contributor from a PAC was from Goldman- Sachs. They were the mainspring in the housing meltdown. Between Liver Lips and Bush they appointed over 50 of Goldman-Sachs officials to EVERY government office handling money. Goldman-Sachs is a front for the Rothschilds.

    • UR wrong, libiot. The data was clear on Ryan's plan that it would be equal to the $$$put out on Medicare .

      You're dumb and a liar. Do some research, moron.

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