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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Sep 5, 2013 7:31 PM Flag

    Obama: "I didn't draw the line Syria crossed... the world drew that line"

    It used to be that he would blame George Bush for everything. Now he's blaming other countries for the "line in the sand" he drew with Syria during last falls elections when it comes to using chemical weapons.

    That's part of his deep experience as a "community organizer"...

    ... community organizers blame the community... "it takes a villiage", right?

    For crying out loud... WHY didn't we elect a REAL president when we had the chance?


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    • “That’s different than when somebody illegally or inappropriately intervenes with the process. It’s a fine and obvious line,” said the liberal mayoral wannabe, whose primary campaign was based on the notion that New York has been divided into two cities — of haves and have-nots.

      The comments are the first by de Blasio, the city’s public advocate, on ticket-fixing since the Village Voice reported Wednesday that the former city councilman helped wriggle at least four of his Brooklyn constituents out of parking tickets and other city fines.

      Two years ago, 15 NYPD officers were indicted on more than 1,600 criminal counts for tossing tickets for friends, family and influential New Yorkers.

      In some cases, cops were accused of destroying the paper tickets; in others, they were charged with intentionally flubbing cases in traffic court.

      As the case unfolded, de Blasio publicly demanded that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly investigate cases in which police allegedly fixed tickets and disposed of drunken-driving and domestic-violence cases.

      “We need the facts, and we need them sooner rather than later,” de Blasio fumed during a radio interview.

      But when de Blasio was on the council, he saw no problem penning letters to city agencies to get tickets quashed.

      Bracha Breiger told The Post that a January 2006 letter from de Blasio helped get her out of a Department of Transportation ticket she got for work her family did on a sidewalk.

      “I’m glad he fixed it,” Breiger said.

      In a separate case, in June 2005, de Blasio e-mailed the Parking Violations Bureau: “I recognize that double parking is illegal; however, as you know, double parking during street cleaning has long been an accepted practice in New York City,” the Voice reported.

      Last week, de Blasio spokesman Dan Levitan said it was “part of his job” to “help people in his community having problems with the city’s bureaucracy.”

    • Barry always blames others for his failures. Remember when he said, "YOU were the change" after he made no positive hope or change after his 4 yrs of failure. Hey it was you not me.....

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    • bjspokanimal, The republicans led by McCain wanted that line broken. The rest of the world led by Russia scared off everyone. Stop your BS and get with the facts. Bush invaded the wrong country and lied to congress to get approval. Thats fact for ya tea winger.

    • Who ya gonna believe ---- your lying eyes and ears, or Obama?

    • Z junk mail

    • Today, the president bragged about reducing the federal deficit the most in 1 year than has ever been done in U.S. history.

      Left out was the fact that the deficit was sustained at 3 TIMES the level that it had EVER been at for the entire first 4 years of his presidency... and currently, it remains 50% higher than it ever has been since WWII prior to his own presidency.

      That is "spin" that defies ANYBODY's logic... does he think we are all idiots out here?

      Even the deficit reduction that we ARE seeing is happening even as Obama decries the "sequester" every single day and calls for it's suspension in favor of, you guessed it... more spending...

      ... the sequester cuts were part and parcel to the deficit reduction in the FIRST place, Virginia!... and now Obama want's to un-do a major piece of what gave him something to crow about?

      Incredible... worst president of my life time ( I used to think the worst was George Bush... I stand corrected).


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      • bj, you were right the first time. GWB by far the worst pres ever. He told lies that caused thousands of American soldiers lives. Most of any US president!

      • Today's jobs report highlighted the 35 year low in the "labor participation" rate.

        When somebody gives up looking for a job, their exit from the labor force actually improves (reduces) the unemployment rate, but it worstens (reduces) the labor participation rate.

        That's why economists are all saying the report was so bad today... because all the people who have given up looking for work... or have settled for part time jobs... are the ones who are making the numbers look better than they are.

        We all know that the jobs that came from Obama's "stimulus" spending cost 10 times more to create than those created by private employers...

        ... now if only Obama would stop punishing those private employers with high taxes and give them a reason to create businesses and hire people... but that would entail incentivizing the wealthy, God forbid!!


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