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  • jondeere323 jondeere323 Sep 6, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    dear whiners and cowards pumping for a war that you would never risk you life for

    please stop your evil pumping for meddling in a civil war that has nothing to do with the USA.
    You know you would never risk your life to help the rebels in Syria or to punish Assad, heck you will whine about even paying taxes for such.

    Syria has nothing to do with the defense of the USA and is no threat to the USA and therefore it is unconstitutional for the USA to go to war there.

    So shut up or privatize your efforts. maybe wal mart or chevron bomb Syria for you.... or maybe you can deliver the bombs yourselves in a backpack or something.

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    • Did you run your punk mouth for war with Afghan, Iraq or Libya? You supported Libya, dropdork, so #$%$!

    • Well, we know that Solyndra cannot do much to support US or Syria. Most green energy companies in existence now could supply some voltage, but in Syria that will not help. The Bummer has been so supportive of our military and defense companies, that they will think he is surely joking.

    • Mesa, I don't see a whole lot of whining from conservatives. Me, I'm on the same side as you. Imagine that. What about Harry Reid and his minions who are bound to support Obama no matter what? What you say to them? Not only Reid, how 'bout Boehner? The House probably won't even hold a vote if they think it's bound to fail...all in the interest of not humiliating Obama because he is a black guy? They need to hold that vote.

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