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  • kickdropgop4321delacruz kickdropgop4321delacruz Oct 18, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    another horribly dishonest thing R's have been saying as has seebe

    is that THE PEOPLE support them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!

    R's, don't have 30% support. with you shutdown Had ..romknee spewed Cruz garbage last year he'd not gotten but 25-30% of the vote. I know most the time majority wouldn't feel as I do why can't you R's be as honest and admit ou cruzes are very unpopular?

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    • "The truth shall be evil spoken of". This is an ancient fact. Thieves will ALWAYS lie about anyone that tries to expose them. I wish I cvould print heer some of the papers I have about a property tax swindle of years ago. The "News" media vilified and lied about those trying to expose it. Gee, guess what, the "news" media were one of the main recipients of the tax favors. Think they may have paid bribes? You are right, but, the crooked, corrupt courts let the major criminals off scott free and slapped the wrists of some minor players. There was never any reimbursement to taxpayers. This happens all over, turkey lurkey. Wake up and smell the roses.

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