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  • hulksweider2000 hulksweider2000 Aug 4, 2008 5:11 PM Flag

    267.8 / 84.62 = 3.16473647

    3.16 gives the company absolutely no value for its business - think a company that makes around .50 a year might be worth a buck or two -

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    • Could be = I sold a nice what I bought today at 3.09 in after hours at 3.10 - I will now look to buy at 2.5 - that would give this a - .66 value - which might be safe enough.

    • And there isn't anything the SEC can do or will do to protect retail investors like us.
      Good luck to you longs here!. I will be looking for another chance to buy ACTS and trade it again.

    • I am - but I believe that being on both ends of trades - becomes illegal under certain circumstances - as I said the participating entity in most sales is not present on the bid and ask. Thet rule change creating the ADF as much as shorting on the bid is a problem.

    • HS.... we are seriously going to close at negative EV today after a great report.

      Wow. I am at a loss.

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      • I just got off the phone with Fidelity - the active trader program help line - I do not often go into minute detail while monitoring a stock - but today I have everything running - including Time and sales and the majority of the transactions - (and the Fidelity agent made the comment - mostly occurring on the bid) were coming from DF or ADF
        Due to the approval of the Nasdaq's application to become a national securities exchange, the SEC ordered the NASD to create an alternative display facility (ADF) for NASD member firms and ECN's that choose not to join.
        So the origin of the sales are masked - the seller is effectively not participating on the bid and ask - just producing transactions. I have seen this before and it is a situation (in my opinion) that occurs often with small caps and does not pass the smell test.

        The company truly has no value - stupid of them not to go private - and put the profit directly into their pockets instead of into the pocket of some manipulating entity. Join me in sending an inquiry to the SEC -

      • Fellow traders/investors;
        I feel for you guys and this is why I traded ACTS on several occasions. 15% gain or so then I sold. I hold only biotech/pharma stocks as they are the most resilient ones out there. I want you guys to comb through this filing and see what do you think. This is an extract:
        " Company Objects and Purposes

        We are a Cayman Islands exempted company and our affairs are governed by our memorandum and articles of association, as amended and restated from time to time, and the Companies Law (2004 Revision) of the Cayman Islands, which is referred to below as the Companies Law. A Cayman Islands exempted company is a company that conducts its business outside of the Cayman Islands, is exempted from certain requirements of the Companies Law, including a filing of an annual return of its shareholders with the Registrar of Companies or the Immigration Board, does not have to make its register of shareholders open to inspection and may obtain an undertaking against the imposition of any future taxation. According to our memorandum and articles of association, the objects for which we are established are unrestricted and we have full power and authority to carry out any object not prohibited by the Companies Law or as the same may be revised from time to time, or any other law of the Cayman Islands. "
        You folks can view the whole filing here:
        disclosure: Sold all with preset price of 3.24 when I saw the After hour market didn't do squat yesterday!

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