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  • billwilson1804 Oct 28, 2009 10:44 AM Flag

    Market corruption

    Sure seems honest investors would be willing to wait until next week to see the improved results. Unfortunatly, traders/market makers can drop it down and shake us out. When will the government step in and make our markets transparent/fair enough to support honest investing? Instead we send armies to distant lands/cultures to stir up more of their distrust of our country. Hope we can help President Obama stop the corporate theft and concentration of wealth that strangles the rest of us. jmo Ps the last downgrade seems like throwing mud in honest investors faces as they plunder this stock price,probably for their own accts.

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    • I also have some DSWL - that's up (also it is not a recommendation) - I can't wait for the show they produce for earnings. If you live in the city? or the state of NY - I live across the river - The Hudson - nice day today - gong out for my jogging.

    • Today is typical. The market is soaring. Chinese related stocks are soaring...and we are down 15 cents. It makes a whole lot of sense.

    • There are facts - the business currently has no value and the assets have negative value - and this has been the case for well over a year - It would be up to the SEC to investigate the accounting practices and/or the market made in the stock.

    • hulksweider. Yes, I can read English, When you said "this has been reported to the SEC" it sounded like you had something more than just your tea leaves. IN short, you got no facts; just hearsay.
      Maybe go outside to chop more wood and let off some steam.


    • I have owned and traded this for years now - and was once part of the what a value posting army - got a little tired of sounding like a complete idiot - it is the duration of the under performance - that bothers me the most - I also recall the cash per share being about 3.40 per share - I hope that is because of share buy backs - do not be surprised if earnings are positive to decent - and the response is somewhat muted or negative - good luck - you are going to need it.

    • I hope that earnings are solid etc. But anyone who doesn't think this situation is a bit smelly is really pushing it. To trade this much below cash when you are basically operating at breakeven says a lot. Stocks that are in much worse financial shape have not only rebounded but are already in correction mode. We haven't even really gotten off the mat. Something is fishy.

    • Have no fear - in another 10 years when they have 9 or 10 dollars in cash per share this will be trading between 4 and 5 dollars per share and you will make some nice profit.

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      • billwilson1804 Oct 28, 2009 1:02 PM Flag

        Part of me admires the Chinese ability to look at the very long term of things. The history shows that when the people lose too much to the few the walls come tumbling down there. Here we think more short term and demand more fairness even though it takes Enrons and Madoff's to finally stir our gov. into responding. I admit to being shook out here more and more, because lots of the friendly fire is aimed to take us down as far as possible to help the manipulators plunder. jmo

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