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  • hulksweider2000 hulksweider2000 Oct 28, 2009 11:04 AM Flag

    Market corruption

    Have no fear - in another 10 years when they have 9 or 10 dollars in cash per share this will be trading between 4 and 5 dollars per share and you will make some nice profit.

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    • billwilson1804 Oct 28, 2009 1:02 PM Flag

      Part of me admires the Chinese ability to look at the very long term of things. The history shows that when the people lose too much to the few the walls come tumbling down there. Here we think more short term and demand more fairness even though it takes Enrons and Madoff's to finally stir our gov. into responding. I admit to being shook out here more and more, because lots of the friendly fire is aimed to take us down as far as possible to help the manipulators plunder. jmo

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      • All this friendly fire is directed at us, partially from the inside, because people are sick and tired of recessions, disparity in pay, stock market crashes, retirement fund destructions, real estate collapses, and people being thrown out into the streets (unemployment), even after they've worked hard all their life. Bubbles in sectors, like healthcare, undermine family coverage and savings, while the rest of the world enjoys stable healthcare. And in our system only a few make it to the top, while wealth coupled with greed is not balanced, and never trickles down! On the contrary, wealth seems to trickle up! When capital runs riot without proper checks and balances, then everything suffers including Business. Bring back the family middle class! And whoa; look at China! Who says that capital can't work together with socialism? China will definetily surpass the US in coming years!

      • you can forget about fairness here - to be more blunt the only logical conclusion as far as this so called equity is the presence of fraud - either by the company misrepresenting its financial condition etc or those running the market not made in this stock - this has traded substantially below cash value for a long time now and the situation can not be attributed to temporary market mis pricing etc. and since this has been reported to the SEC - which showed no interest - this is something to avoid - if you are not already unfortunate enough to own it - the only value here is to those who run the show. there are thousands of more liquid stocks - not subjest to what goes on here - recommendation AVIOD.

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